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who am i

I went to Coachella, and the type of people I saw there were not the type that I usually like to affiliate with. 

Drugs and alcohol, crazy loud music. 310 more words

Selective, Red & Black

The visual power of red and black. (This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Please provide attribution and a link back to this web page in a manner that associates the image with the image credit.)


Being and making happy...

I got this in whats app this morning from a friend…today is one of those rare days when I look at the mobile for whats app, viber or any other messages while still in bed….yes getting up late, and doing things at your own pace is something a woman gets to enjoy once in a while. 446 more words

Told What To Do

Why am I told what to do or not? I had been often told that I am not capable of doing anything at all. A person not worthy enough to live in this world. 928 more words