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Megan Walsh: Beauty and the brains.

At just 22 years of age, Megan Walsh is already such an inspirational woman. Not only is she exceptionally beautiful – in one of those annoyingly completely natural ways – she’s also extremely intelligent and is the ballsiest bitch I know. 1,298 more words


That Dreaded Time of Year..

So that time of year has reared its evil head once again – exam time.

With a dissertation and exams, I thought I would quickly share a little something about how I feel when people say to me one of the most ANNOYING and INACCURATE phrases ever: ‘everything is going to be… 65 more words

Practise what you Preach

When I literally have to practise what I preach #PositiveThoughtsAlways.

At work and not having the best day, but I literally just take a moment and decide to read my blog like they say… 514 more words