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Word Wednesday

So, I’m sleep deprived, and I’ve fallen asleep twice now trying to type. For my sanity, and for the kindness I want to find in my pillow, I’m letting someone else talk for me. 42 more words

Holy Week 2014: Wednesday

Note: Today I am re-posting last year’s Wednesday post, because more and more I find myself longing for the kind of faith and understanding that Mary of Bethany had… 587 more words


Speak like a child

Women are made to be equal. To walk alongside men
Much like blacks and whites
Northern and Southern
Straight and LGBT 
But if you look close enough you realize
what we did to monsters as kids?
 52 more words

Returning to Writing

With the help of a generous sister-in-law, I have returned to writing my book. One day a week until the end of the school year, she babysits Sam so I can write. 664 more words


Planned Hours – Daily Schedule

I know it’s a bit over the top to do an hourly-based schedule of my day. But I have been tracking my productivity over the days and I have already marked the specific times when I am most capable of doing my job and work. 642 more words



How many would
love to see me
like this
how many
ex-lovers that
I shorted,
traded in
for one another
I am pained,
it is true… 72 more words


The Cyborgs are Coming!: Women and the Fear of Leadership

For the first installment of the Womanhood Issue series, I present the Cyborg.

You may wonder, “What does science fiction have to do with what it means to be a woman?” This is a legitimate question. 1,691 more words

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