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On compromises and womanhood

Millennial women.  We grew up with a mixed bag of messages – be empowered but delicate, assertive but not bossy, don’t take crap from men but you still have to have a boyfriend.   343 more words


New Stat

I used to fear becoming a statistic. I feared becoming a pregnant teen. I feared becoming a high school drop out. I feared becoming the wife of a drug dealer. 658 more words


A Mother’s Sacrifice or Selfishness

Recently I read two stories, side by side, that contrast as day and night.

The first was of a woman who discovered, 17 weeks into her pregnancy, that she had cervical cancer. 253 more words


I was born rich

The top of the globe

with a small straight nose

Gazing into the looking glass

Girls that can’t ever be

better than pretty… 36 more words

New Posts

beauty in a bottle..or tube..or jar....

Back in the bathroom and reflecting on the tough world of womanhood.

There are products everywhere to…clean, moisturise, tint, tighten, straighten, add body, strip colour, whiten, hold and shine, deodorise and sanitise… and they just keep coming even when you don’t buy them. 120 more words


Womanhood taught me to apply makeup on my flaws. Be they pimples on my face, a shiny nose or pain in my heart. The lesson was, look good at whatever cost. 183 more words

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