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Why I'll be sending my kids to camp

I’ve just got back from girls’ camp – well, not just: I’ve been back long enough to sleep for a couple of hours, to unpack all my moss-covered, grease-covered things, and to realise I’ll be doing a full-body cringe for the rest of this week while my fiery sunburn dies down.  426 more words


How Do You Rebuild A Family?

I remember a time when grief and anger were my constant companions because I had become a divorced wife and single mother by the age of 21. 115 more words


Feminine Appeal: GET THIS BOOK WOMEN

Have you ever read a book and find yourself telling people, “I seriously recommend THIS book“? A book you go back to, re-read, and use as a tool to check your clarity and intention? 1,045 more words

Rambling Spiderwebs

Does It Really Exist?

If we don’t have a copy of the photograph, to look at, did the moment really occur?

What about the journal entry, describing the emotions of a moments? 101 more words


I am a Passionate Woman

Nope, this is not a self-affirmation post. Please bear with the title. :-D

Nobody told me life would be like this.” That’s something I’ve heard my father say a number of times, and I don’t think statements get truer than that. 448 more words

Air Of Perfection

Need a mood elevator?

I don’t know about you but sometimes I can get a little down.  Not depressed exactly, just not quite myself…..blue.  I can usually trace it back to lack of sleep, or stress.  359 more words


Be Brave.

Whatever we mean when we urge someone to “grow a pair” – to buck up, to do something brave, to show our strength, and ‘prove’ we’re tough… 36 more words

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