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got inspired by the song THE OTHER CHICK by JOJO ;)

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confessions of a womanizer

Confessions of a Womanizer
There are many types of people in the world but there are few who understand what true power is. None knew this feeling better than me. 599 more words


Day 53: ‘I’m breaking up with you.’

My first real crush was when I was 11. He was in my class. Already 12, almost a year older than me and physical ahead of his age. 330 more words


Book Review: Girls Love Travis Walker

Title: Girls Love Travis Walker
Author: Anne Pfeffer
Release Date: March 2013
Length: 323 pages
Series?: ?
Genre: YA
Format: e-book
Source: CBB Book Promotions… 847 more words

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Not Listening

So my friend told me the other day that she had something she wanted me to know before it went public, this way it came from her and not someone else. 518 more words

Lies of A Serial Womanizer

It’s so crazy how in depth a womanizer lies , what he fails to understand is that he leaves trails of shit every step of the way , you can spend lots of your precious time , forgiving his bullshit or you can make the most o your time by letting him go and letting a real man love you . 55 more words

To have an affair is always frowned upon. 

Look at Don Drapers’s flings.



If you dont follow Mad Men, at the very least you would somehow know that Don Draper is a womanizer. 83 more words