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Richard Feynman is not allowed to have sex.

A few days ago, a blog article was published by Matthew Francis called, “The Problem with Richard Feynman“. It got picked up by a few outlets, including… 1,207 more words




Week six post Mr Womanizer: He has upped the ante…. he leaves voicemail messages now. All I asked for, when I left, was to be left alone because of the pain that he caused, to never be contacted in any form. 662 more words


I ask a question about the video Sunder is recording

of the things we are doing to one another’s bodies

He mishears and says “I love you, too” 355 more words


Fujiwhara Effect of Romantic Relationships

I was in my high school when I first heard about the term Fujiwhara effect from a weather report on the television. Basically, it is a phenomenon in which two typhoons interact with each other by circling around the system’s geometric center. 586 more words

Packets Of Light

Thornton Prince; Nashville's Royalty

Hot chicken is everywhere these days, even in Brooklyn.  But there’s one thing that hipsters around the country can’t take away from us, and that’s that hot chicken unquestionably belongs to Nashville forever. 153 more words


Just a Regular Guy My Ass

There’s a blogger whom I don’t like. I’m just going to be frank. I think he is a womanizer, a drunk, and an egomaniac. Strong accusations, I know. 92 more words

Annoy Me

EENY, MEANY, MINY, MO: catch a womanizer by the toe

So, it comes as no surprise that the narcissistic womanizer has called and text now. His usual pattern of behaviour: ‘if I don’t know what to do then leave it for 3 weeks and pretend nothing happened’ 524 more words