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4 Reason Why Wombats Are Better Than Koalas and Kangaroos

I’m guessing you’ve heard of Australia’s famous cuddly  koalas and kangaroos. But I bet you’ve never heard of the lesser-known hero—the wombat. If you’re curious, here’s 4 reasons why the equally adorable wombats beat koalas and kangaroos any day. 204 more words

Fun Friday

Meet one of the locals

Bushwalking in the area is excellent, with many tracks and little roads leading who knows where. Here are some pics taken this week by my neighbour whom I sometimes walk with. 221 more words


Hi Guys, Meet Chloe THE WOMBAT

She’s (sad story alert) an orphan who just arrived at the Taronga Zoo. Take a look:

From Sharon B-C (Western Australia) and Cindy.

Tasmania Pt 2


We pick up the story on a very wet day’s drive to Stanley virtually on the north-west tip of the island. The world at 5:30am all started out quite rich in colours and views.  2,505 more words



I’m greeted warmly at the museum by two volunteers I’d met at the wall launch and they ask what I’m working on. When I tell them about my essay and interest in Wybalenna, they write out a whole reading list of books on the subject of Aboriginal history on Flinders Island. 832 more words


Notes from Rivendale #2

We were coming home late one night last week and turned into our driveway and who should be bumbling along but our own wombat! He’s a big old fellow, thankfully mange free and a tough dirt miner. 287 more words