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The Missing Stairs of Feminism

Ugh. I’ve been working on this post on and off for weeks, but have been so disgusted and discouraged (and clinically depressed, as it happens), it’s been really challenging to get it finished and put it out there. 2,931 more words


Palin Skirts The 'Media Filters' With Launch Of Her Digital Video Channel

Sarah Palin bypassed those pesky “media filters” on Sunday and launched her own eponymous online network.

“Tired of media filters? Well, so am I,” the former Republican vice presidential nominee wrote in an announcement on her Facebook page. 93 more words


“Trust yourself. Think for yourself.
Act for yourself. Speak for yourself.
Be yourself.” Marva Collins

African American

Far Left Huffington Post Pushes Non-Western Beauty as Ideal

The mainstream media constantly push out the idea that nonwhite females are inherently as beautiful as white females. The most egregious example of this nonsense is the constant labeling of Michelle Obama as beautiful. 215 more words

“Life loves the liver of it.”
Maya Angelou

African American


In every meeting, the boxes she drew got smaller, tighter, lines into boxes, triangles, subdivisions, tiny cubes stacked too high to last or matter, the paper filled up with no place to go. 6 more words



What’s a ‘nice Jewish girl’ doing in a place like this?



A new Facebook page showcases a new way for Israeli women to support the troops — by stripping down practically to their birthday suit. 1,083 more words


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