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Quotable Quote from Clytemnestra: "If you look at all the advertisements and media, it is not ALL White women who are marketed to ALL men, particularly men of color, it is BLONDE White women with an occasional red head thrown in now and then. So conscious and subconscious pressures to race-mix on Blonde women is a thousand times more intense than it was and is with the rest of us, even now."

Spot on observation Clytemnestra.  Months back, I had a frequent poster by the moniker Italian Guy who noted that blonde and red hair are distinct markers of European ancestry. 47 more words

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Viking Bitch comments on this piece: "My whole basis for starting this blog was / is the silent genocide of NW European people, hence the address of blonde gynocide. Observe the violent crimes committed by Die Versity towards whites and you wil notice many of the victims are fairhaired, such as blonde or red" Until Viking Bitch's blog was created it had escaped my notice that fair-haired white women are THE primary targets for rape, murder, and mutilation by minority males. Likewise, the Jewish controlled porn industry targets them, with rape and humilation websites such as "Blacks on Blondes." We are at war, one in which an official declaration of war will never be made, but war nonetheless. Not until the power elites are stripped of their money, their power, and even their freedom will this war be over. Or until the white race has been exterminated--whichever comes first.

“If you don’t like 
the way the world is, 
you change it. 
You have an obligation 
to change it. 
You just do it 
one step at a time.” 
Marian Wright Edelman 

African American

Women of Juárez

Spoken word poet, Amalia Ortiz, describes the femicides going on at the U.S.-Mexican border.



Sexrape is a term often searched on my blog. First of all I would like to say that it  saddens me that many women and men do not know the difference between… 428 more words

Casual Sex

Beyond Financial Investment in Women

The notion of leadership among women was emerging at the turn of the century, but it was more of an abstract notion than an articulated process with a tangible outcome (Batliwala, 2011). 525 more words


Hair HighLights Ideas: Feminine Encounter Framing Waves

Deep Purple Fishtail Braid – Hair Suggestions for Prolonged HairDeep Purple Fishtail Braid – Hair Suggestions for Lengthy Hair
Picture of Hair HighLights Concepts – fancy wavy hairstyles /tumblr @ hairstylesweekly.com… 13 more words

Daily Ideas

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She is dazzling...

Being comfortable in your skin

Earlier today I was talking to a friend about how I sometimes feel like I’m weird. That I just don’t understand why when I give out a statement, people tend to be taken aback and just don’t know how to respond (like, in a bad way). 613 more words