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Gazing into Greatness : The Artwork of Akiane Kramarik

I pray and wait for an answer in pictures, words or ideas – Akiane Kramarik

There is nothing I can say about this artist that cannot be found in her paintings. 181 more words


Paris dreaming

I’m daydreaming; it’s 8.35am and I’m sitting through the second presentation of the morning. I’m struggling to stay engaged and the third coffee of the day isn’t touching the sides. 256 more words


Britain Lost: Twelve year-old boy among 11 arrested for alleged rape of 'vulnerable' woman in Liverpool

The rape of a woman by eleven youths, including one girl, is breaking as I write. The story below was published just six minutes ago. Thus, there’s no word yet on the ethnicity of the perps. 375 more words

aesthetically challenged

Sharing time with my bride is a blessing.  During our busy days I eagerly look for opportunities for us to merge our schedules into fun times together.   386 more words


My Domestic Violence Story: Day 24 - Princess

Day 24: Princess

Meet Princess Naomi, my daughter. Naomi is a servant. She has an infectious smile and generous heart. I wish I could have protected her from my husband’s abuse. 126 more words


Applecarts, we all have one.

Lately things have just been coming to me, not materialistic things but things that have confused me in the past have become as clear as crystal. 1,648 more words


Need to find Work-Life-Balance? Practice Gratitude

With so many of us struggling to find balance in a world where work-related stress, finances and relationships, can often take over, I thought it was fitting to talk about work/life/balance in this week’s post. 442 more words