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What it is to be on a Break? a reality rant.

I blame Ross n Rachael – F.R.I.E.N.D.S for giving anyone the idea that it is ok to take a break in a relationship. Who in their right mind thinks that’s it’s an awesome idea to be away from each other anyway? 379 more words


Why Women Are Always Right

The biggest problem faced by female kind, is not, surprisingly, periods. By the time we become seventeen we’re well equipped with all that balderdash and have mastered the art of cleaning our sheets and underwears by ourselves without making a fuss about it. 675 more words

Men And Women

Respectable women.

We live in a world of respectability. We who are women anyway. There are three taboo subjects, a woman cannot publicially discuss without being thought dangerous or receiving the attention of the mad. 160 more words


Forgiving pink elephants

The mind in particular mine, I guess is an odd thing. It`s practically photographic when it comes to insults, racism, xenophobia 20 years ago, family crimes they did, family crimes they did not, albi s… Where I left pen five minutes ago, where in a tidying spree I defined “safe” that is now safe to the point I can not find… 379 more words


“If you don’t like something, change it. 
If you can’t change it, change your attitude. 
Maya Angelou 

African American

The violence within

Yesterday this essay by Thomas Meagher exploded all over the internet and much has rightly been said about its courage, its eloquence and its incisiveness. Everyone with a pulse should read Tom’s phenomenally articulate analysis of men’s violence toward women and the danger of the monster-rapist narrative. 940 more words


Water Lily

The afternoon light is so bright through the windows that the bottom of the pool is awash in sunshine. In the lane next to me, a beautiful Chinese woman in a swim cap and black racing suit with orange flames does a long swanlike breast stroke that takes her fully under water for several seconds until she gently emerges for several beats and disappears again under the surface where the sun is shining. 129 more words