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Fashion News

The most amazing thing in my life right now is that most of my pants are falling off my ass. This might be something that has happened to most people but it has never happened to me. 403 more words


Nailed It - Fingernails and Style

I’m the kind of girl who the fancy ladies come to when they want help opening a can of zero calorie Coke. I’m sized up in minutes with my flat heeled shoes, real albeit sparse and short lashes and natural colors on the end of my fingers as the type who has no concerns about the manicure risk involved with popping a pop top. 558 more words

Alison Colby-campbell

The Politics Surrounding Bill Cosby

The art of deflection is something the America’s privileged is really good at practicing. We are currently seeing that play out first hand with Bill Cosby. 1,014 more words


Being Prepared

“Morning Word: Dark skies dont necessary mean rain. And just because you are not where you want to be right now, It doesnt mean that you still cant get there. 60 more words


So I started this blog after leafing through some old notebooks.

July 16, 1993

He’s 53, he says, “going on 39… well, that’s what they all say.” He sighs a lot, like he’s out of breath, and makes wet sounds. 27 more words


A is for Arsehole

Arseholes perpetrate domestic violence, plain and simple, no beating around the bush, no fuzzy bits, no sugar coating, nothing, they are arseholes.    Despite all the attempts by men’s rights groups and misguided women trying to make out that women are just as violent as men, women’s stories backed up by research, shows that around 90% of domestic violence is committed by men against women and children.  639 more words