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Woman vs woman

Have you ever noticed the very different ways men and women fight? If you have a vagina, you of course have. If not, read on for some enlightenment. 310 more words

That time I thought about gender differences in modern society

This morning I was contemplating an observation I heard on the radio – that this generation treats gender differences less reverently than ever before in history. 98 more words


Early Morning Woo

There’s a guy in the park making eyes at me…he’s actually quite nice looking if you could get passed his nose, which I can’t, since he looks like a giant parrot. 490 more words


More Things That Elude Me

Blue, black and green nail polish…it looks as if you caught your toes in a car door and fingers, a vice. I really can’t see the allure of black and blue extremities, yet they’re all the rage it seems. 607 more words


An Eye For An Eye For An Eye For An Eye

What is happening to our world, a loaded question if there ever was one.

Looking through back newspapers at the library, I came across the headline…80 Little Lives Lost. 463 more words

Women And Men

Punch And Judy

It was Sunday night a hair before sunset. I had neurotically gone to the mailbox on the corner to mail my birthday thank you notes, even though the next pickup wasn’t until Monday at noon. 306 more words


All Women Are Easy


I firmly believe that both of the above statements are so untrue as to be laughable.  However, Globally, most men believe that their girlfriend, lover, significant other, wife, other guy’s wives and girlfriends are one step above property. 1,110 more words