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All Women Are Easy


I firmly believe that both of the above statements are so untrue as to be laughable.  However, Globally, most men believe that their girlfriend, lover, significant other, wife, other guy’s wives and girlfriends are one step above property. 1,110 more words



It was that timeless time,
when they knew themselves thrilling
and lived beyond despair.
Life fermented such big ideas
their hungers craved foreign action,
took them full throttle down the road. 185 more words

The Strange Social Science of the Color Red

When it comes to sex and women, red is the first color you think of, right? Red lips, red lingerie, red dress. Studies show men perceive women who wear red on dating profiles… 677 more words

Trying Not To Shake It

I’m a big believer in paying attention to what’s put in front of you. More often than not it’s a lesson of some kind, and what I saw this morning belongs in that category. 408 more words


Contraception and Women’s Health

The debate over contraception and abortion has raged around moral issues such as whether or not destruction of a conceptus (a fertilized ovum) is equivalent to destruction of a human life, and whether or not the use of contraception promotes promiscuity in women. 576 more words

Being A Woman

Mork And Bindi

I was idly sitting in front of The Museum of Natural History watching all the people eating hot dogs from the food cart with sheer abandonment. 215 more words


What Happened Last Night Happens Too Often: Part III

When the non-smoking sign flashes to life on an airplane, it seems to me, a person who took her first flight in 2001, a little like seeing this pass me on the sidewalk: 595 more words

Women And Men