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Guy Sleeps with Woman He Liked On First Date, Now Worried She’ll Think He’s a Slut

Last Saturday local resident Charlie Fells went on a “really great” first date with fellow twenty-something Meryl Morris, who according to Charlie was, “a fun, charming, and pretty woman.” Fells divulged that he then accepted an invitation to Morris’ place and proceeded to close out the night by sleeping with her, or in other words, “totally send her the message that I’m a great big slut.” 383 more words

Adulthood Struggles

"Were You Expecting Faeries and Unicorns? My Bad."

How is it still fascinating to people that women can write fiction? Action, suspense, thriller, crime, dark comedy, etc. are not exclusive to cockbearers. In fact, the capacity to tell stories or write prose has nothing to do with genitals! 319 more words


The Man On The Couch

Every day possible I go to the library to read for an hour, a favorite pastime of mine. Where else can you find guaranteed peace and absolutely no cell phone use. 471 more words

The Camille Chronicles

“But you’re not Catholic anymore…why can’t you come to Peter Lugers?”

Before I continue, Peter Luger is the quintessential steak house of all time located, since 1887, in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. 515 more words

What's Cookin Daddy

There’s something about an older man with a younger girl that rankles me. I know it shouldn’t, but it does. 

My fur went up when watching this old coot maul this young lady who could have been his granddaughter. 474 more words


Asylum Trainees

I got an email from someone who said I should put a lid on my list of good deeds. I have to say it threw me a little. 420 more words



I tend to listen in on conversations since,   what else can you do when say, you’re on the train or stuck in line. You’re trapped into listening. 503 more words