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What's Hobby Lobby's Interest in My Uterus?

On June 30, 2014 the Supreme Court ruled (5 to 4) that “two for profit corporations with sincerely held religious beliefs do not have to provide a full range of contraceptives at no cost to their employees pursuant to the Affordable Care Act.”

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Supreme Court rulings harm workers, especially women workers

American workers and their unions were dealt major losses by the U.S. Supreme Court today. The court ruled against workers in two cases, both of which have special relevance for women workers. 909 more words


Undergraduate Essay Competition Winners Announced!

The PSA Women and Politics Specialist Group is delighted to announce the winners of our annual Undergraduate Essay Competition. This year’s judge, Professor Francesca Gains (University of Manchester), noted the impressive quality of the essay submissions, stating: ‘the standard of entries was incredibly high with all 11 of the essays submitted demonstrating a command of the literature they addressed and confident critical analysis of subjects which ranged from “The Industrial Vagina”; the banning of pornography; gender and climate change; gender and development; the gendering of criminology; and the gendered culture of Parliament. 241 more words

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Women's Rights Public Speaking Competition - Held by Ed Vaizey MPs office

Can you name the famous face opposite? It is linked to the issue of rights, women and politics. Answer at the end.

Good luck to the following girls who have been specially selected to take part in the Women’s Rights Public Speaking Competition due to take place later this term. 83 more words


My Literary Wish List

A few weeks ago, Emily January over at The Bookshelf of Emily J. posted this post with ten books that she wouldn’t mind getting for her birthday. 821 more words


OMG! Please stop feeding peanuts to the wildlife!!!!!!!

The first thing those of you who are feeding peanuts to the wildlife who think I have no right to ask you to stop will likely say is the you have a “right” to feed the animals on your property anything you want and I have no right to even ask that you stop doing so. 745 more words

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