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"What My High School Reading List Taught Me About Women"

I missed this piece when it was published in August. Author Mary Kay Zuravleff posted a link to it on her Facebook page this morning, and I think it needs to be read as widely as possible, so I’m sharing it here to keep it moving along. 159 more words

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KARATE CHOP brings Danish writer's dark, droll stories to U.S. readers

Karate Chop: Stories

Dorthe Nors (Translated by Martin Aitken)

Graywolf Press: Feb. 4, 2014

104 pages, $14.00

Dorthe Nors’s Karate Chop is one of the few books that truly deserves to be described with that overused adjective, “unique.” The Danish novelist’s first collection of stories is a short, sharp shock that hits you like, well, a karate chop to the neck. 873 more words

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Unfinished work for #Readwomen2014. Join #Readwomen2015!

Those of you who may have followed my blog this year know what a big fan I am of #Readwomen2014.

Although there are more talented women authors out there than ever, writing from every corner of the globe, it’s clear women writers aren’t getting the amount of attention they deserve. 125 more words

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Read Women 2014: The Recap

I first wrote about the Read Women 2014 campaign last February. My year spent reading only books authored by women was easy. I was surprised by how easy. 1,055 more words


31. Amy Poehler Vs. Diane Von Furstenberg etc.

Both have recently released books, just in time for Christmas.

Are they really so different?

Apparently not “…they both talked about their aversion to plastic surgery, hustling for their big break, having kids, sexism and a lot of other shared experiences—in short, all those little complications and intricacies that go into being a modern woman. 119 more words


Golden Orbs, Sallow Lemons, Stunted Yellow Cherries

In 1932, Stella Gibbons published her first novel, Cold Comfort Farm. Well-educated, a trained journalist and professional writer for magazines, Gibbons wrote the novel on a lark. 1,456 more words

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Volland Publishing and Women artists

German-born Paul Frederick Volland established his successful greeting card company in Chicago, Illinois in 1908. However, he hit the jackpot with a series of children’s books about a loveable rag doll named Raggedy Ann. 387 more words

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