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Professional female networks

While women’s movement first organized on issues of women’s rights and suffrage, the movement has since worked for equality in employment opportunity and pay. In 1868, New York City journalist Jane Cunningham Croly was denied admittance to a dinner at an all-male press club, honoring author Charles Dickens based solely upon her sex. 299 more words

Women Authors

Homesteading and Women’s Social Networks

Women mobilized and moved to Kansas in an abolitionist effort to prevent the territory from entering the union as a slave state, and set an important precedent in 1861 when they gained the right to vote in school elections. 258 more words

Women Authors

First Scars

you are a boy with swallowing me whole

on the tip of your tongue

leave me free with regret

with blood dripping down my leg… 41 more words


RIP Dolores Cannon

Dolores Cannon, author of more than 22 books based on past-life regression sessions held with clients over three decades, has made her transition to spirit this past weekend. 266 more words


Patience for Dummies

“It is very strange that the years teach us patience-that the shorter our time, the greater our capacity for waiting.” Elizabeth Taylor

A great teaching occurred during the span of the last four days.  511 more words

Writing For Healing

Austen, Beecher & Stowe

In the years leading up to the Civil War, Catharine Beecher’s influence was eclipsed when her sister Harriet Beecher Stowe’s book Uncle Tom’s Cabin ignited a movement to abolish slavery. 675 more words

Women Authors

Catharine Beecher (1800-1878), Part 2

The Hartford Female Seminary differed from dame schools that prepared girls for refined lifestyles because girls performed calisthenics. Catharine Beecher, like Lydia Maria Child who authored… 735 more words

Women Authors