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Guys and Dolls: Black Desert's Character Creation


Black Desert, a free to play South Korean MMO by Pearl Abyss, has been causing a bit of an internet stir. Few news outlets seem to be paying much attention to the gameplay itself, thanks to the game’s incredible character creator. 544 more words

Beauty Standards

Girl Scouts Use Grant to Teach Game Development

The video game industry (along with many other tech markets) is dominated by men. This Mad Men sort of world teaches women to take the passenger’s seat when it comes to innovation and design. 389 more words

Game Development

on commanders & caricatures

I’m a tank.

I’m terrible at stealth games, and I don’t have the patience for long range tactics. I was (and remain) That Asshole who would camp out with a gravity hammer and spatter Spartan brain matter all over the walls. 1,164 more words


Women in Video Games

Lately the representation of women in video games has become a topic gaining more and more popularity. This might be due to Anita Sarkeesian’s gaining attention from her series on  546 more words

Video Games

Fighting my corner and the misconceived double standards of ‘feminism’

“Helen should come along to this meeting to help with the ‘girly chemistry’”.

I sat reading that line with my mouth open, my mind not quite accepting what was written, confused about the intention of this message. 455 more words

Serious Games

Brothers: A (Familiar) Tale of Two Sons

(SPOILER WARNING: This post discusses major plot points in Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons)

As an older brother to a teenage boy, I expected to have a stronger reaction to Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons than I did. 977 more words