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Women: River, To the Moon, and understanding Asperger's

Freebird’s To the Moon is an indie game with a huge following. I first played it a few months ago and immediately understood why. A charming, multi-layered and Inception-esque love story, it reduced me to a gut-wrenching crying fit with its poignancy and tragedy. 1,469 more words


Gamasutra Salary Survey Shows Progress

Last month Gamasutra (a website devoted to the game industry) released the results of their annual game industry salary survey. The results spoke a lot to the character and direction of the constantly expanding gaming industry. 332 more words


Women: Chell, GLaDOS, Portal, and how to do it right

When Valve’s Portal came out, it was a revolution. A character and narrative driven puzzle game? No one had ever seen anything like it. Then came  1,217 more words

Women In Games

Women in video games: I want more

I am passionate about realistic and rounded portrayals of women in video games. I long for the day when this is the norm and not a feat to be celebrated. 388 more words

Women In Games

God and gaming - what's it all about?

The history of video games is intriguing. Witness the evolution of video games over the last few decades, from simple pixelated puzzles like pong and platformers like Super Mario World, to sprawling open world, mo-capped masterpieces like Grand Theft Auto and dramatically breathtaking interactive scripts like The Last of Us. 546 more words

Women In Games

European Women in Games Conference


 Flights booked for September, looking forward to this, will be great to meet more women in the game industry.

Girl Scouts hosts video game programming course

The Girl Scouts are exploring an entirely different sort of cookie.

This week marked the organization’s first video game programming course, with 25 New York area girls, ranging from 13 to 16, gathering to learn more about the ins and outs of creating electronic entertainment.

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