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Profiling Leaders: Tall, White & Male

When you think of a leader, how often do you conjure up the image of a woman or person of color?

Today there are a number of famous women and minorities in positions of power: Mary Barra of General Motors, Meg Whitman of HP, Satya Nadella of Microsoft and President Barack Obama to name but a few. 618 more words


Lessons from the cheese box

This morning I opened the fridge door and immediately spotted that the box that we keep our cheese in had moved shelves. My family had been staying for the weekend and had looked after our kids while we were out, so they had obviously put it back in a different place. 224 more words


Women in Leadership: Opportunities lost. And not because our bosses are misogynist pricks

Yesterday, I spoke at the the Government of Alberta’s Women in Leadership: Paving the Way Conference, as part of the Systemic Barriers to Leadership session. 1,322 more words

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How Women in Business Can Benefit from Networking

Women are excelling as entrepreneurs. They are reaching great heights and are successful in their endeavors. And women networks or forums are playing a great role in helping women find great opportunities and tools to make their entrepreneurial visions a reality. 292 more words


There's No Room for Karma in the Boardroom!

When it comes to asking for things they deserve, women aren’t always as vocal as they could be, especially in the workplace and in boardrooms. This is apparent across many industries, including health care and technology. 316 more words


The Inequality of Leaning Out

Sheryl Sandberg, in her groundbreaking book, Lean In, explores the inequalities of the women-to-men ratios in the workplace in terms of leadership. Women not only face institutional barriers, but a battle from within. 414 more words


Roaring Thirties

I just finished reading “Their Roaring Thirties: Brutally Honest Career Talk From Women Who Beat the Youth Trap” by Denise Restauri. I loved it! It was so interesting that I couldn’t put it down. 621 more words