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50/50 in another 50?

“The most important role I will ever have is raising a son who realises gender equality is the only path.”
Liz Broderick, Sex Discrimination Commissioner…

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Action learning

For four years now I have been part of a small women’s action learning group in Mid Wales. The group originally began through WILLOW, an action research project funded by the Cultural Leadership Programme to examine gender inequalities in leadership and promote best practice within the cultural landscape of Wales and England. 512 more words

reclaiming eve.

I suppose the concept of “nesting” looks different for each one of us, but for me, it seems to be a mix of writing a bunch of last-minute articles and scrubbing the kitchen tile grout.   414 more words

Journeying with God

By Virginia Holmstrom. This is the third in a series about the Republic of Georgia.

In January 2013 I had traveled with other American Baptist women to the Republic of Georgia, my first visit to this small former Soviet-block country nestled just east of the Black Sea, with Russia to its north and Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Turkey sharing its southern border. 811 more words



If you are a follower of this Blog you would probably be aware that I am a strong advocate for trained and godly women being allowed positions of authority within the local church, however mainstream Christianity is divided on this issue due primarily to one verse, 1 Timothy 2:12, which reads “But I do not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over a man, but to remain quiet.” The word translated as ‘teach’ in this passage is the Greek word Didasko and in this post we will be exploring whether Didasko is perfectly equivalent to the modern use of the word ‘teach’ or whether it was used by the biblical authors (especially the Apostle Paul) with a much more specific meaning in mind. 1,110 more words


Women In Leadership And Emotions

So today I attended a Women in Leadership conference and all I can say is why do Women’s Conferences always have to be about tapping into your emotions??? 480 more words