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'Egalitarian' and 'Complementarian': Clarifying Terms

Before continuing with my series on why I am an egalitarian, let me pause briefly to clarify terms. Terminology is tricky. Terms are useful, in fact necessary; but they can also be misleading. 1,223 more words

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If You Give a Girl a Bible

If you give a girl a Bible, she’s going to ask her Father what it means.  When he begins to explain it to her in the quiet of her soul, she’s going to know she has a gift and know she’s made for more.   826 more words

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Excellent! This is a reblog from a reblog! It's about being female and in the image of God. Loved it!!! Rob Morley

God's Unexpected Call

Last week’s lectionary passage (1 Samuel 3:1-10), and this week’s Gospel reading (Mark 1:14-20) share the common theme of God unexpectedly calling people. 857 more words

Invitation To Conversation

Women in the Church: Why I am an Egalitarian (part 7)

Women in the Church: Why I am an Egalitarian

Part 7: Reading Scripture as an Egalitarianism

In future posts, I would like to start addressing how egalitarians read difficult passages of Scripture, including the parts of Scripture that seemingly place limitations on the full equality of women in the church and in the home (and, in particular, certain sections in Paul’s letters). 912 more words


Good Books Looking for a Good Home

One afternoon Charlie Brown sinks comfortably into his bean bag chair to watch tv. His sister, Sally, walks up behind him and asks, “We have to memorize a Bible verse for Sunday school..Do you know any short ones?” With his eyes still fixed on his tv show, Charlie Brown replies, “Luke 17:32…’Remember Lot’s wife.'” Apparently satisfied, Sally trudges away, and in the next frame of the cartoon she trudges back until she’s once again standing behind Charlie Brown. 230 more words


Give Away Influence

As a youth pastor and leader in ministry I think one of my most important roles is to give away my influence. In order for me to fulfill what God has placed on my heart, I need other people. 303 more words


I'm a Feminist

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing unto Thee, o God, my Rock and my Redeemer. Amen.

I’m a feminist. 474 more words