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I first just want to take a moment to acknowledge with thanks, the interest and support in this project from the many women who have had a chance to respond to my request to participate. 389 more words

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The Paycheck Fairness Act: Blocked by Republican Senators Again

Micaela Edelson ’17 Inside Politics

On April 9, 2014, the motion to reintroduce the Paycheck Fairness Act was blocked by the U.S. Senate Republicans. Two days prior, President Obama signed an executive order that would encourage federal contractors to make salary information more accessible, so women and minorities would be able to know if they were being paid unfairly. 431 more words

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All The Mommas Who Profit Dollas (Throw Your Hands Up At Me)


When the French Revolution began there was a modest movement toward rights for women. This movement didn’t last long. It wasn’t long before the leaders of the Revolution decided that a woman’s patriotic duty did not lay in being involved in public life. 261 more words

Moving Beyond Boundaries: Student Perspective

In this post, sixth-form student Katherine Holmes shares her thoughts on the Moving Beyond Boundaries project and women’s history.

The women’s history project during our Personal Development Programme every week has been absolutely brilliant in opening our eyes to such a significant (but mainly unspoken) part of our country’s (and the world’s) history. 285 more words

Women's History

Colorado lawmakers fight for women's reproductive rights

The debate about women’s reproductive rights has been going on for an extremely long time. The main debate is whether or not a woman should have the choice to have an abortion. 234 more words

Women In Politics

Who Throws A Shoe?

While giving a speech in Las Vegas this week, President-in-Waiting Hillary Clinton dodged a shoe thrown at her (or hurled or attacked depending on what part of the political or pop-culture spectrum fuels the news source) by a woman in the audience. 446 more words

Lady Things

Ready For Hillary, But Is Hillary Ready For Us?

Spencer Bradley ’16  Women in Leadership

“I’m ready for Hillary,” was the campaign slogan for Hilary Clinton’s campaign slogan in 2012. But are we ready for Hillary Clinton anymore today than we were eight years ago? 611 more words

Student Op-Eds