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Taken By The Demon of The Fen


Face To Face

Within the soft glow of moonlight
she sacrificed
herself – sank downward into the
bottomless depths
of his embrace enchanted by his… 175 more words


A Nightmare Come True

For the first time in nearly twenty years  Rachel woke up screaming. The raven haired and well endowed goddess opening  her eyes to find herself up to her breasts in a bottomless pit of quicksand. 780 more words


A Premonition of Fate

After tossing and turning well into the night Rachel, a raven haired eighteen year old goddess with a nicely developing body. Fell into a restless and troubled sleep over excited at the prospect of moving into her new bedroom the following morning. 1,280 more words


A Well Deserved Fate

Headstrong and defiant Amanda slipped out of her parents home with her curvaceous and well stacked hourglass figure clad within her itsy bitsy black thong bikini. 1,843 more words



Into the fen
the scantily clad raven haired
goddess walked
from the land of the living
her feet slipped

Unaware that she
was sleepwalking to her doom… 481 more words


The Morning After

Unaware that she was being both watched and followed it was a couple of hours before noon that Lisa set off through the woods. That lay behind the mobile home park in which she lived with her daughter who still hadn’t come home from the Halloween party she’d attended at a friends home the night before. 1,315 more words


A Moonlit Death

Unaware that she
wasn’t dreaming Trixie walked  along
the beach beside the restless
ocean blue underneath the new moon
bright and full

As the lovely… 303 more words