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Does Sex Really Sell? A Steampunk Feminist Perspective

As we are constantly being told, SEX SELLS. This is used as an excuse to sexualize everything from children’s clothing to cars. I believe that marketing executives who believe this are selling the general population short. 588 more words


Portrayals of Women in Science: thoughts on Big Hero 6

This past week I saw Big Hero 6, the recent animated film from Disney. I enjoyed the movie and thought the animation was really cool. It definitely hit all of origin-story motifs and so was a bit predictable. 506 more words



This blog is meant to capture different perspectives of women who have dedicated a large portion of their passion and efforts to science. Women who are steadfastly pursuing long-held goals, women who are reaching unseen forks in the road, and women who are also interested in sharing life with the people around them. 1,828 more words


Academic dress code or why women seem to think about clothing more than men

Last week we saw a blatant example of not considering the implications of your wardrobe. There are a lot of good perspectives on That Shirt worn by Dr. 910 more words

Are you a typical biologist?

The market research company YouGov has released a new tool for profiling users of brands and services. The web-based app, called the YouGov Profiler, shows the “quintessential member” of each group –  619 more words

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In case you missed it: women in science

Just over a week ago, National Geographic published a thought-provoking article about the importance of women in science.  They make the case that it is not only about social equality, but also about health and safety, and broadening the scope and perspective of innovations and research. 54 more words

National Geographic

Women eXploring Space: Dr. Jenny Whitten, Planetary Geologist

The awesome space explorers featured so far have had a definite engineering theme to their work – probably because the author started out as an engineer! 2,195 more words