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Thanks for the option

I just couldn’t help myself. What a motto! “Freeze your eggs, Free your career!”

You’ve probably heard that (by January, 2015) Facebook and Apple are offering to cover egg-freezing costs as part of their employee benefits. 473 more words


Botany vs. Conservation Science


Botanists study plants for a variety of purposes including improving quality of life for both plant life and humans. Research by these scientists improves pharmaceutical medicines along with food and food products. 325 more words

STEM Careers

Why So Few Female Students in the Sciences?

by Claudia Wong

When I first started at Temple, as a Physics major, I knew the males outnumbered the females in the science fields; however, entering my first calculus course here, it seemed to be an understatement. 456 more words

Update on the Steampunk Work-in-Progress

This past week has seen some major editing being done on the Steampunk YA work-in-progress. I’ve been taking my own advice, as well as taking hints from other writers’ blogs on WordPress. 561 more words


Featured History: Dr. Rosalyn Yalow

This month’s Featured History exhibit focuses on Dr. Rosalyn Yalow, recipient of half of the 1977 Nobel Prize in Medicine for her work in developing radioimmunoassay for peptide hormones — a feat… 241 more words


Women eXploring Space: Sarah Hargrove, Orion Software Engineer

Some of the worst stereotypes about engineers (reclusive, socially awkward, and stapler-obsessed…) revolve around those who work with the ultimate nerd machine: the computer. Sarah Hargrove, Orion Software Engineer, blows those stereotypes out of the water… 1,056 more words