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Lydia Rabinowitsch-Kempner: Homage to the forgotten First Lady of Adjuvants.

Posterity. Why do we remember some people and forget others? Are the reasons benign or malicious, banal or coherent? Walking around with Lydia’s story inside my head since 2008, I am no closer to a clear-cut answer today. 1,374 more words


The Jenn Does Science Holiday Gift Guide

Inspired by a friend’s recent Facebook post, I’ve decided to put together a holiday gift guide for those who want to buy a science-related gift for a young person in their life. 844 more words

Science And Society

Describing Social Media Activities in Promotion Packages

This past summer I spent a great deal of time in July and August putting together my tenure package. My view of tenure packages are that they are very individualized documents and this made it challenging to put the document together. 699 more words


Womenswear in Academia.

I have been thinking a lot lately about what women wear in science and how it affects how we are perceived. There is the fact that I don’t think I conform to any “standardised” view of what scientists should wear especially when away from the field.  986 more words


Women in Science

There have been a lot of stories in the media recently regarding the biases against women in science. I welcome this discussion and the research exposing these biases… 244 more words


Biased for science

I’ve taken a couple tests at Project Implicit.  The premise is that we have unconscious biases that may unknowingly affect decisions we make about other people.   522 more words

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