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Dorothy Hodgkin

Dorothy Hodgkin is remembered for her groundbreaking work in the field of chemistry and for winning a Nobel Prize in 1964. Dorothy began studying chemistry at the University of Oxford after preparing with private lessons in the subject, then went on to receive her doctorate from the University of Cambridge. 255 more words


Who is a woman in science?

What do women scientists look like? In what fields do they work?

To answer these questions, one of the organisers of last’s month’s Association for Women in the Sciences conference… 53 more words


Maria Mitchell

Maria Mitchell was a pioneer in the field of astronomy for women. Her parents encouraged both her education and her interest in astronomy from her early childhood. 265 more words

First Woman

Dropping a bombshell on women in science

By Emily Lehmann

If you thought Wikipedia had everything covered, then you were wrong.

Online activists have dropped the bomb that women scientists, despite their long history of achievements, are underrepresented on the site. 277 more words


Women in Science- Do We Need to Worry About Gender Bias?

Women have long been battling for their rights – the right to work, the right the vote, the right to equal pay.  But is there still a gender bias in science? 806 more words

Difficulty 1

Rosalind Franklin

Another subject I’m not strong on- molecular biology!

Franklin is sort of famous for two things.  One- being one of the first to grasp DNA’s structure and two- being ignored in favor of Watson, Crick, and Wilkins. 164 more words

Badass Women