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Remetaphoring the "academic pipeline"

We need to ditch the “academic pipeline” metaphor. Why?

The professional destinations of people who enter academic science are necessarily varied.

We do not intend or plan for everybody training in science to become academic researchers. 179 more words

Dr who? Campaign to boost digital profile of Australia's female scientists

Sydney Morning Herald Bridie Smith, Nicky Phillips 27 July 2014

Next month, the Australian Academy of Science plans to change the systematic bias against women in science on Wikipedia, hosting a Women of Science ‘’Wikibomb’’ event inspired by a similar call to arms by the Royal Society, London.

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Bone Quiz 12

This morning Antonio, one of the museum security guards, brought his young daughter and niece down to the basement so they could see me at work . 436 more words


43 Minutes of My Melodious Voice Expounding Deep Insights

Have you ever you ever wondered what I sound like? Lucky for you, the shrill voice behind these raucous edicts has been recorded for posterity. Why not pop some popcorn and have a listen? 103 more words
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Using Online Library Resources

This week I worked on gathering resources and information about Aprille Ericsson-Jackson’s life, her work, and her contributions to STEM and to women of color. I wanted to use as many databases as possible to attempt to put together a rounded understanding of Ericsson-Jackson as woman, black woman, feminist, and scientist. 484 more words


Women in Science - photographic history

Women in Science, complete with names and subject areas. Lets talk about more of us than just Marie Curie, Ada Lovelace and Rosalind Franklin.


How can we get more girls studying maths and science?

Even in this day and age where the barriers between the genders are constantly being eroded, there is still a very clear disparity in representation in one of the must critical job areas. 585 more words

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