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The Iconic Woman

In a society where women are repeatedly portrayed in the media as promiscuous, sex symbols, unstable, bitter and contentious; the vision behind the Iconic Woman movement is to mobilize one million women, who will take the Iconic Woman pledge and commit to raise their voices against anything or anyone, who contributes to the minimization and exploitation of womanhood. 318 more words

Bold Favor Magazine

Searching for Truth

We live in a world where we have to be extremely careful with how we consume the truths we are presented. Blindly following one news channel, one pundit, or any one source of information can dangerously shape your perception of reality. 601 more words

Women (General)

Women Continue to be Negatively Portrayed in the Media

Female politicians are portrayed more negatively than male colleagues, new research has found.

I find it deeply concerning and rather astonishing that the media still present women so negatively and do so with little consideration of the consequences . 233 more words

Labour Party

Sharing the Problem: Marie Claire's Mistake

“Does a woman’s looks determine her worth? The short answer is no f*cking way,” or so goes the slogan of Marie Claire‘s article about the Stop the Madness Campaign. 330 more words