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Like A Girl

Now, I’ve seen this ad a few times and at first I didn’t want to post it because of the commercial message attached to it. But the more I see it, the less I feel the product is relevant. 257 more words

Women In The Media

Sexism, Sadness and Simplicity

The catalyst for writing this post came in the form of a post on a friend’s Facebook page where she posted a link to this article… 340 more words


Women in ads: How real is "real"?

Taking advantage of the backlash on Victoria’s Secret for their slogan “The Perfect Body” in a banner on their website that featured stick-thin models, other lingerie companies have released their own version of the advertisement, featuring more “real” women to cater to the enraged public. 414 more words


The casket appeared to be weeping roses, as if sweet Ophelia herself were inside.

–Phoebe Eaton, “Unraveling the Mystery Behind L’Wren Scott’s Path to Self-Destruction…

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Who Has the Last Laugh? How Women on Social Media are Fighting Abuse Through Humor

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What do Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter have in common? The answer may surprise you: all have become platforms for women to draw attention to the harassment they face online, and all are playing crucial roles in creating solidarity among women and garnering support from many social media users to push for change. 827 more words

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The Sarkeesian Effect: How Anita Sarkeesian is Changing the Game for Women in the Video Game Industry

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Social media has been an incredible tool for any woman (or person for that matter) with access to a computer to actively engage with the media she loves and share it with the world. 591 more words

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