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Infographics are "In"

As this infographic-of-infographics (Meta, isn’t it?) points out, data visualization is “in.” This circles back to a point the Pulitzer Center’s Meghan Dhaliwal stressed when she guest-lectured: creating engaging infographics is an up-and-coming skill for journalists. 366 more words

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How the portrayal of women in the media acts as a tool of the patriachy

In a society where the media’s influence over us is inescapable, it becomes virtually impossible for us not to take note of what the media tells us, and adapt our behaviour to suit what we’re told is ‘right’. 881 more words

Feminist Rants


by Jenna McDaniel

From its earliest origins, media advertising has portrayed women in terms of their sex appeal to society. The more nudity or sexual references illustrated in ads, the greater the sales in this often amoral and profit-driven industry. 661 more words

Adding more female characters

I work with writing films- sure, they’re no Hollywood productions but they are films people will see none the less-and while they’re paid to do so. 365 more words

Women In The Media

My relationship with my body

DISCLAIMER: this is a personal post, it is a rambling, you have be warned!

I remember the moment I first became aware of my body; I was probably around 10 years old, I was wearing a crop top and my parents commented that I had a nice figure. 2,459 more words

The naked pictures of celebrities

You might have heard about this, and you might think it doesn’t matter.
But Jennifer Lawrence adressing the hacking into her phone and distribution of personal photos is very relevant. 92 more words

Women In The Media