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Those that have influenced my feminism

 The three personal ones:

I guess there never was any other option then to become a feminist. I got feminism in my “mothermilk”, so to speak. 1,818 more words

Women In The Media

How I met your mother slash the love of my life but decided to have children first

There is TV and then there is theory –  particularly Badinter’s  ‘The Conflict – la Femme et la mére’. But lets start with TV…

There are many tv series who have pretty decent women characters. 1,115 more words

Women In The Media

The Paycheck Fairness Act: Blocked by Republican Senators Again

Micaela Edelson ’17 Inside Politics

On April 9, 2014, the motion to reintroduce the Paycheck Fairness Act was blocked by the U.S. Senate Republicans. Two days prior, President Obama signed an executive order that would encourage federal contractors to make salary information more accessible, so women and minorities would be able to know if they were being paid unfairly. 431 more words

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Fat shaming in the media

In Miss Representation the role of women in the news is explored as Katie Couric takes us through her career and the media’s fixation with her body. 256 more words

Women's Health

The Perception of Women in Leadership

Katerina Krohn ’17  Women in Leadership

After the large success of her book Lean In, Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg’s new campaign has continued to keep people talking. 471 more words

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Equal pay day- when will that be everyday?

“…while experience, occupation, and industry explain much of the gender pay gap, there is still more than 40 percent of it that remains unexplained, the part that could be chalked up to discrimination.” 54 more words

Women In The Media

We all have one beating heart

This is a video I re-visit regularly. I love the song but the video has something very particular about it. It is a tribute to an old 80′s song,Robert Palmer’s “Simply Irresistible” and redone almost frame by frame after the original. 110 more words

Women In The Media