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the Practicality of the army uniform

The Army is ruthlessly practical when it comes to the uniform:

  1. The expandable cargo pocket is big enough for a soldier to put an MRE in it.
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Linda Maye Adams

there's Organizing my way and the army's way

For several years after I got out of the army, I thought was terribly disorganized.  I was messy and tended to pile things.  In fact, if you look at any site on organizing, these are both often touted as a sign of disorganization.   696 more words

Linda Maye Adams

so Not ready -- scariness on guard duty

I always have to laugh when I see the Army commercials. They promise Action! They promise Adventure! Trust me. If you have those things, you’re probably in trouble and don’t want it. 438 more words

Linda Maye Adams

What it's like carrying an M16A1 rifle

One of the things we had to carry around all the time during Desert Storm was the M16A1 rifle.  The only time we turned it in was when we stayed for a short time at a place called “Cabin Village.”  It was so named because it was made up of portable cabins brought in — and occupied — by the Air Force.   483 more words

Linda Maye Adams

Lost in the woods with a Lieutenant

Admittedly, my reputation precedes me. For years, I thought I had no sense of direction. I could get lost amazingly easy, and with a map. But I’m also visual spatial, and directions are supposed to be easy. 370 more words

Linda Maye Adams

Keeping up with the army and the reserves--oh, my!

If you’ve been following this story, I’d been deployed to Desert Storm with my active duty Army unit, and then the Reserves issued orders to mobilize me for them. 516 more words

Linda Maye Adams

Just a minute--i'm a ghost soldier?

I’m trying to stay within the alphabet requirements here, and parts of this story are all tangled up because they all happened at the same time. 603 more words

Linda Maye Adams