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Tent fire in desert storm

Scary thing #2 that happened to me while I was in the army happened during Desert Storm. Our battalion had gotten this major handed off to them right before they deployed. 469 more words

Linda Maye Adams

Scariest thing that happened to me in the army

I’ve had a few really scary things happen to me, one which was intentional on the army’s part, and the others a function of the environment.   565 more words

Linda Maye Adams

The military wake up call: Reveille (Video)

Reveille is a bugle call to signal the start of the military day:

Though you might see episodes of MASH where the soldiers drag themselves out of their bunks at the sound of the bugle, we didn’t do this when I was in the barracks.   99 more words

Linda Maye Adams

living Quarters in Desert Storm

The letter Q is usually one of the harder letters in the A to Z Challenge.  Fortunately, I’ve got an easy topic with our living quarters were like when we arrived in Saudi Arabia for Desert Shield.   533 more words

Linda Maye Adams

Dear Any Serviceman

Dear Any Service-Man,

Hi, my name is Josh Neckdown.  I want to thank you for your sacrifice for our country and freedom.  I Also would like to ask for your help.  

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the Practicality of the army uniform

The Army is ruthlessly practical when it comes to the uniform:

  1. The expandable cargo pocket is big enough for a soldier to put an MRE in it.
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there's Organizing my way and the army's way

For several years after I got out of the army, I thought was terribly disorganized.  I was messy and tended to pile things.  In fact, if you look at any site on organizing, these are both often touted as a sign of disorganization.   696 more words

Linda Maye Adams