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Honoring Women on Veterans Day - Thank You from Stuff4uand4u!

Honoring our Military Women on Veterans Day

As I prepared to write this blog, I did some research on the history of Women in the military.    596 more words


Night Witches

The WASPs of the United States Air Force had an interesting Soviet counterpart—the daring female fighter pilots known as the Night Witches. And unlike the American women who were limited to a civilian status despite their important work, the Night Witches were an official part of the military and engaged in dangerous activities like dropping bombs and harassing enemy planes. 278 more words

Meeting A Need

My Mother was a Feminist

If Washington D.C. is on High Security Alert today it is probably due to the mushroom cloud of dust that erupted from my mother’s urn in the mausoleum just outside of my nation’s Capital. 867 more words


Looking Beyond #poetry #aviation #columbusday

First day on the job

put away the dog eared manuals

unbutton the cowling

I muse:

she’s bigger in real life than the pictures

“no, I don’t need a rag… 176 more words


Adolescent Women and World War II (Rebecca Pite)

You may be wondering what women have to do with war. For, when we typically study the history of wars we learn of the young men that were drafted, or volunteered, to fight for their country. 981 more words

Triggering vs. Liberating!

Hello friends,

I have been taking advantage of the free time I have in my new job to start work on Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2015 here at my place of employment which we all know is the place that takes care of Veterans but I am not going to say it here. 1,020 more words

Military Sexual Trauma