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The Price of Things

I was thinking back to the 1990’s this week.. remember the VW Jetta Trek or K2 editions? I use to want one of those so bad. 285 more words

The Best Second Jobs To Have To Keep Coins In Your Purse

The decision to seek a second job or additional source of income to supplement a full time career can come about for many different reasons. Taking on another work opportunity may be procured to either further contribute monetarily to the exorbitant rent or mortgage payments required these days, put money aside for a college fund for your children, or just to have extra money for traveling or other interests that costs more than what your current job brings in. 583 more words

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If I lean in too far I will fall over...

Let me begin by saying I never read nonfiction. Ever. As a follow up, I am naturally skeptical of any one person taking on the task of speaking for their whole group. 385 more words

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Today is gonna be the day....

I excelled in high school and became a single mom along the way.  I struggled through college, again as a single mom until I married my best friend.   422 more words


SHE WORKS: Find Out How Pamela Hogan Went From Hairstylist To Business Owner And International Beauty Educator & More

Pamela Hogan

Title: Owner of Hogan Institute of Cosmetology & Esthetics, Master Cosmetologist, Senior Teacher Instructor, International Educator, Expert Beauty Educator

Education: Troy/Pike Vocational School/Master Cosmetology Program, DeKalb College/Business Administration, Cutting Edge Academy/Instructor Program. 676 more words

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This Is Why You Shouldn’t Fear Leaving Or Losing A Job You Hate

As employees, specifically responsible employees, we sometimes tend to put up with and endure jobs and careers that we might not particularly care for. Maybe you are working in an industry in which you have absolutely no interest. 680 more words

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What Does Being 'Overqualified' For A Job Actually Mean?

If you have ever been informed that you are overqualified for a particular position, there may have been other underlying reasons for your not moving further in the selection process. 584 more words

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