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American TV shows might look more diverse, but their writers aren't

There’s been a lot of talk about the upcoming fall TV season in the US being the most diverse one in terms of casting, from ABC’s new show… 625 more words

SHE WORKS: How BundleTreeBaby.com Is Empowering Mothers & Saving Babies In Uganda

We have all heard of the economic and humanitarian challenges in the poorest parts of Africa, but sometimes it’s hard to know what to do to help. 1,329 more words

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How to Minimize your Data Usage for Cell Phone Users.

Working for a cell phone company the biggest complaint we hear regarding cell phone invoices are “How could I use so much data?” This is prevalent with youngest to oldest users. 928 more words


Big Money: 4 Reasons Business Owners Need To Give Themselves Raises

Business owners wear so many different hats daily it is almost hard to keep up. At the start-up phase, an entrepreneur may serve as the CEO and president, secretary, treasurer, IT director and marketing director all at the same time, and most times for little to no pay as taking on so many different roles may be out of necessity due to scarce resources. 676 more words

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Ladies, you're worth it. Really.

I know. I sound like a cheesy commercial selling beauty products, but the message is fitting, and professional women need to listen, myself included. We see article after article stating… 801 more words

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lean in; a review

Book 32/50

I just read a stat that while Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In is a bestseller, only 12% of the consumers actually finish reading the book. 1,044 more words