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Last Thursday I was privileged to be part of a platform discussion at Hull Truck Theatre, discussing ‘Shelagh Delaney: Where are you now?’ which, by extension, examined where women’s voices are in theatre today. 220 more words

Hull Truck


Presented by Women in Theatre & St. John UCC
April 25-May 3

A fierce thunderstorm has shut down airports up and down the East Coast. 172 more words

On Stage


I will admit it. It’s really hard sometimes to be happy for your artistic peers. There are times when someone you know well gets a job, or some big funding, a fellowship and you just think to yourself, “Damnit. 964 more words


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Hey folks, Since there are so many newbies to the Swim Pony blog joining us for our month of lady artist awesomeness, I figured I'd re-share a post from last year that garnered a lot of attention. It's not specifically related to being a female artists, but I'm sharing it because I think it's going to be one of the major principles laid out in the Awesome Lady Squad's manifesto (coming this weekend!). One of the ways I think we all get cheated out of the arts community we really want is by being sold on the idea that there isn't enough to go around. And if there isn't enough for all of us, we end up feeling like we have to fight each other to get any. Let's decide this isn't the case. Let's assume there's enough Awesome for everyone at the table. Hope to see you next Sunday and Monday. - A

Rounding Up #TheSummit

On Feb 17, 2014, Peter Marks of The Washington Post hosted an event called The Summit — it was a public conversation with several of D.C.’s leading artistic directors. 624 more words

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Hey all, At about the halfway point in the month and looking back at what I've been writing so far, I thought it might also be interesting to share Ilana Brownstein's round up of all the reactions to #thesummit so far. PS - Mine's in there too...

For the love of ladies, think of the children...

First, an admission:

Last night I gave myself a small break on the blog to close WELCOME TO CAMPUS at Drexel University.

Second, a short diversion: 1,055 more words


Money to mouth, time to step up

Monday, let’s start the new week by putting money where ones mouth is…

put your money where your mouth is
› to show by your actions and not just your words that you support or believe in something…

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