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Dear "All Women Are Beautiful" White Women...

Dear “all women are beautiful” white women,

I’m so tired of your bullshit.

I’m so over you and your privilege.

Okay, listen.

Black women, from the beginning of time have been devalued and taught to believe that we are lesser than any other racial gender group. 838 more words

De La Fro

Mind Yourself: Respectability, Sexuality, and Nicki Minaj

Notions of female respectability are ancient, but quite prevalent in societies without much capitalistic influence where male dignity depends on the legitimacy of his children and his control over his wife and female relatives’ bodies. 494 more words

5 Reasons Men Love Asian Girls

The world has never been so open: traveling around the globe to visit other countries has never been so easy and affordable. It gives men the opportunity to discover fine exquisite ladies from foreign cultures in their home country or on vacation. 781 more words

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If this doesn't scream Asian fetish, I don't know what does. "For those who have yet to appreciate their exotic qualities" - exotic is not a personality trait. I am not simply an Asian woman. I am an adoptee, an immigrant, a person of color, a traveller, a writer, a lover of cats, a supporter of the fair trade movement, a woman, and I happen to be Asian. Please see all of me and my complex identity. Don't characterize me by a whole slew of preconceived stereotypes. And don't objectify me. P.S. the link below seems to not be working. You can read the full article here: http://thoughtcatalog.com/nikolao-montaya/2014/09/5-reasons-men-love-asian-girls/

Imposing Western Feminism on Third World Women

The crisis in development is paralleled by the crisis within global feminism. Both have reached an impasse, of sorts and we only have to review the developmental work to see what I am talking about. 949 more words

Human Rights Concerns

Fashion & Beauty: The Business of Redefining "Nude"

The internet has been abuzz recently about an emerging brand called, Nubian Skin! This London based company seeks to challenge and redefine the notion of “nude” for women’s lingerie and hosiery, offering a high quality variety of options for women of color. 360 more words


Breaking the 7 Figure Ceiling

4 Secrets for Breaking the 7-Figure Ceiling
Million-Dollar Business Coach Shares Tips for Taking It
to the Next Level on YOUR Terms

Can both recent reports on the economic muscle of black women in the United States be correct? 789 more words

Ginny Grimsley

10 Frontwomen (of color) in Rock Music

As I watched WatchMojo‘s Top 10 Frontwomen in Rock (No solo Artists) video the other day, I noticed an obvious pattern: all these women are white. 407 more words