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Syria's struggle

Over the past two years civil war in Syria has escalated, but who really suffers? Is it the government or the economy-when isn’t it the women and children who really suffer? 491 more words


Tiny Tales Challenge Day #6 (7 days, 100 words or less)

Entry #1225
by: E.T. Otero

December 25, 2033:
The singularity first described by Dr. *redacted*, on *redacted*, has officially been declared an invasion of extraterrestrial origins. 79 more words

Saudi grand mufti defends full-face veil as row deepens | GulfNews.com

Saudi grand mufti defends full-face veil as row deepens | GulfNews.com.

“I am truly convinced about the fact that women do not have to cover their faces,  and my wife, who is a cousin, is equally convinced about it.

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Empowered Indian women have successfully thrown out terrorists from their country

Empowered Indian women have been successful in throwing out all terrorists from the country. After a recent feminazi rage in a moving bus where two empowered girls have mercilessly beat up two army aspirants and trashed them to claim bravery award has made it possible. 988 more words

Feminism In India

The Women Power

This week I was invited to participate in a “Women Power Group”. And if the at first my reaction was honor to be even invited in such what seems a “private” group, my next thought was “why?”. 509 more words

feminism is the new black!

It’s no longer news that the world and his wife are now feminists. It is the ‘cool’ thing to be, forget that half the people who claim to be feminists don’t know the first meaning of the word. 545 more words

Beautiful and real women

This morning, meanwhile scrolling on Tumblr, this pic got my attention.

As many, I can’t more deal with the absolute BS that this is being fat, this is not what I see in media, this is wrong to like or to be. 113 more words

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