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Egyptian Courts Take on FGM, But Can They Uproot the Practice Altogether?

I wrote this piece for the Harvard Journal of Middle East Politics and policy, hope you enjoy it.

(Victim of FGM, 13-year-old Egyptian girl Suhair al-Bataa- Photo via AP) 689 more words


If there was no gender issue anymore ...

I’ve been taught in a conversation that Europe is healed from gender discrimination,

that we have overcome gender-related thinking.

Well, this thesis made me think. In fact, it motivated to find proof for that. 947 more words

Day 5

As always I saw and learned a lot about Mexico and the mexican culture today. Here are ten of the most surprising or interesting things that I found out ..: 350 more words

So This Happened: Prison Guards Inspect Woman's Vagina To Prove She Was On Her Period (DETAILS)

So this happened.

A woman visiting an inmate at a privately run Tennessee prison has filed a suit against a number of guards who made her undergo a strip-search to prove she was actually menstruating. 374 more words


Do western outfits liberate women?

Surfing Facebook, I came across this old feature shoot of Herald (1960), titled, ‘The liberated look’. In it, two young women clad in skimpy & western clothing are enjoying themselves strolling along seaside. 238 more words

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