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#Islamic_State stone Syrian woman to death

The Islamic State stoned a woman to death north of Hama.  The video that appeared online shows the father of the woman being asked by a “Shar’i” from the Islamic State if he would forgive his daughter.   56 more words

Islamic State

Gender Equality: It's your issue too!

Hi everyone… I recently got this question burning inside of my head, that i asked my friends and I received some interesting replies that i’d like to share with the you guys… 607 more words


¿Por qué solo incluir a los “meloneros”?


La semana pasada mientras leía uno de los periódicos nacionales de mi país Honduras, un texto en la sección de economía me llamo mucho la atención porque hablaban sobre los melones, la fruta de mayor exportación de Honduras y que orgullosamente se produce en mi lugar de origen Choluteca, debido a que contamos con un clima cálido que favorece el crecimiento de esta fruta refrescante. 394 more words



October 16, is Blog Action Day. Founded in 2007, Blog Action Day brings together bloggers from different countries, interests and languages to blog about one important global topic on the same day. 317 more words


Feminine Leadership

« We have to advance awareness and empowerment of women. Equality is an issue of justice, democracy and profitability»
Izaskun Bilbao Barandica
European Parliament
- Basque Country – Spain - 1,186 more words
Women Rights

Victim of a Date Night.

A 30 year old woman was drugged and raped after going on a casual evening dinner date.

This woman is a dear friend of mine, she met a guy while she was out with friends, they exchanged numbers and by the next day they were chatting. 271 more words

A Safe Night

What is this blog about?

“A Safe Date night” is a blog to aware women to protect themselves and how to prevent themselves from harm or any assault during a date night. 70 more words

A Safe Night