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You Must Not Think Woman

We are experiencing a Nor’ easter and chick just arrived wearing ‘flats’… I greet her and she tells me, “I really need to get rubber boots.” I felt like saying, you think?

Ms. Male Character - Tropes vs Women in Video Games

In this episode we examine the Ms. Male Character trope and briefly discuss a related pattern called the Smurfette Principle. We’ve defined the Ms. Male Char…

Women and Motherhood in UK - Half of childless women would consider not starting a family for their career

Half of childless women are so concerned about the risk children pose to their career progression that they would consider not starting a family, according to research by the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT). 139 more words

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Why Women Say No

Personally, I do not really understand why I say the infamous NO to questions like, ” Did I say something wrong? ” or ” Are you mad?”. 216 more words

Girl Thing

"Women's Issues" in Politics

MASON CITY, Iowa – There are many issues voters are focused on leading up to the midterm elections. In recent years, politicians are putting a lot of focus on so-called “women’s issues”. 509 more words


I'm Featured on The Sisterwives!

Today I’m over at The Sisterwives sharing a childhood memory. It’s beautiful in a rips-out-your-soul-and-punches-you-right-in-the-feels kind of way. I’m pretty proud if it.

Click here to read my story, The Special Orange Juice. 184 more words


"Female" and Other Words People Call People

I noticed a few articles on Buzzfeed recently that discussed reasons why we shouldn’t call people female and other words we can use in place of female when we are referring to women. 946 more words