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I Stand With Shakesville

It’s time for us all to break the silence.  It’s time for us to stand up together.

If you haven’t already heard about the harassment and abuse that Liss over at Shakesville is constantly under, please take the time to… 2,213 more words


You're More Beautiful

I see you there, Mama, carrying those extra baby pounds, boobies sagging farther than you’d like, your beautiful face framed with lines and beauty marks that weren’t always there. 361 more words

Celebrate Being a Woman Join Our Retreat

Join Us and Celebrate being a Woman! Come to our 1st Annual Women’s Empowerment Retreat where Reconnection and Rejuvenation are our Priority!! Register before September 15th and find out if you’re eligible for Special Discounts! 10 more words


Top 3 things guys do that annoy me.

1. IGNORE us. 

I can not stress how annoying it is to be ignored. I must say though, women are hypocrites when it comes to ignoring. 324 more words


What I Wore to Church: Sunday July 27th!

If you’ve ever looked around the blog networks typically you’ll see a ‘What I Wore’ segment on most beauty blogs. For me being a woman I really enjoy looking at these! 275 more words


Still I Come

You may beat me down into Hell,

with your mind-games, swords, and fire.

You may stab me in my very soul,

but still, like the tide, I’ll come. 178 more words