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Women and Work (IP)

Bransby, David,, photographer, 1942 June.  Woman aircraft worker, Vega Aircraft Corporation, Burbank, Calif. Shown checking electrical assemblies.  Library of Congress archive.

From Older Women to Younger Women: We Get It.

As I get older, it’s intriguing to look at today’s younger woman.  I’m sure women older than I am think the same.  We go through so many phases as women and deal with so many different issues we go through this thing called “life”. 337 more words

You're fat, or is that phat?

Sometimes fat is not a rude word.

In the case of Lee Stafford My Big Fat Root Boost Spray, it’s a positive one!

This is perfect for creating va va Voom volume that will last all day, even on the finest of hair! 50 more words


Short girl problems source: me

Good morning guys.  I stand at a tiny 5 ft 2 so i am not the tallest person on the planet nor am i the shortest, but i am pretty short. 57 more words


Who does she think she is?

 It´s a fact: people who hate themselves become highly disturbed at the sight of people who love themselves. If all you see in you are flaws, mistakes, weaknesses & reasons to feel ashamed of, nothing is more annoying than hearing someone ( 362 more words



In old good days when American working people were not allowed to be unhappy American government with tacit approval from power elites made sure that all are busy doing something that would make them unlikely to contemplate what is actually going on in their country, namely fusion of state with capital in unprecedented scale, effect of which we are experiencing now. 2,136 more words