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Working women put on more weight than men

Did you know if you’re a working woman that works 35 hours a week you are more prone to gain weight? This is due to all the long hours your sitting down, reducing time to cook healthy, home prepared nutritious meals. 227 more words

Office Life

Safety and Security Apps For Women

The best way to minimize your chances of becoming a victim of violent crime (robbery, sexual assault, rape, domestic violence) is to identify and call on resources to help you out of dangerous situations. 957 more words



We agreed to join an arm wrestling tournament if BFGSF supporters raised enough money for the girls!  They did, so we wrestled May 17, 2014!  We ended up making it to the championship round and helping the tournament raise money for another worthy organization as well! 44 more words

The smell of teen spirit - A Malaysian Alien Column #5

Did you have a best friend growing up? I had a few at different times. I’m the daughter of an academic and we used to follow mum around when she went on sabbaticals at different universities around the world, so I had my share of different schools and making new friends. 786 more words

Being Actively Curious

Becoming Leaders: From School to the Workplace

So for those of you who don’t know, Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook in Palo Alto, CA , is a complete badass. And in 2010 gave a Ted talk (which I strongly suggest you watch) where she focused on why women are struggling to be leaders amongst men. 726 more words


Coat Check: Five Coats to Love This Season

Few things are as important to have in your wardrobe as a great topper or two. Quite simply, a great coat pulls your look together instantly. 319 more words


Single/Divorced in Austin

Ever wonder why people differentiate between the words single, and divorced? If you are single, does it matter that you were once married? It does. Many people only want to know if the person they are currently seeing “ever tied the knot” just for the sheer purpose of knowing, but in other cultures it’s a dirty stain on person’s reputation. 637 more words