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Sadie’s Ladies Missions Circle Mon, Oct 13th

Sadie’s Ladies Missions Circle will meet Monday, October 13th at 6:30pm at the home of Ginger Zachman. Our very own Elbia Coe will speak to us on the Doraville Missions. 32 more words


Positive Energy

                       Positive mind… Positive action… Positive Lifestyle… Live yours!


Shutting Their Eyes

Modern society shuts its eyes easily and willingly. We don’t want to see evil, or trouble ahead. And even for those that do, it must always be in measured amounts. 731 more words

Red Pill

Pencil Retreiving Exercise

Normally if my son drops a pokemon card he would bend over and pick it up taking about 2 seconds. During homework if he drops a pencil he will begin the following process.. 149 more words


7 Kinds of Single Guys

In response to Nick Russo’s blog post detailing the 7 kinds of single women… let’s have some fun with the 7 kinds of single men I have encountered. 742 more words

What Not to Do at the End of a Date

So, I had a date last night. At the end of the date, the guy shook my hand goodbye. Heeeello! My lips are up here, buddy. 183 more words

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