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Anticipation of the ride ahead

I believe in the possibility
You raise
The promise of the line of your thigh
Ive imagined you taste like honeyed wine
That your skin has the blushed fur of a peach wherever the sun has kissed it… 55 more words

Six signs you are too busy for your man

Is your career more important than your boyfriend?If yes, then you need to think about your relationship once again. If you’re too busy for your partner, then your relationship won’t survive for long. 444 more words


6 clear signs your ex wants you back

To put it frankly, breakups suck. They leave us feeling sad, hopeless, and frustrated. But as awful as they may be, some breakups don’t last forever.If you’re getting mixed signals from them—”Why is he constantly blowing up my phone?”—see if any of these six signs fit your situation. 319 more words


How men and women really feel about cheating

Based on the tabloids and your prime time channel lineup, it would seem like cheating and open relationships are borderline trendy right now. But regardless of how popular it is on shows like Mistresses and Satisfaction, how do people really feel about these less-than-traditional takes on happily ever after? 484 more words


Deborah Hernan: Learning from Icons to Launching New Lines

If luck is when preparation meets opportunity, then Deborah Hernan has had a career full of it. While most of us settle for reading about the business and creative greats of our time, Hernan has had a career replete with learning from some of the best first hand. 2,000 more words

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