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Valuing the day-to-day experience of women’s art

My name is Sarah Greaves and since 2004 I have looked after the New Hall Art Collection alongside my role as College Administrator. The Collection consists solely of work by women artists and is the most significant collection of its kind in Europe. 457 more words

Staff Post

Six days into the new year: bookstores & Beethoven; elegies & ancestral houses (w/burlesque), not to omit "An Old Woman and Her Cat"

Edvard Munch, The Dance of Life

That bookshop where the Longleys and I,
drifting among the levels and chambers
of its peristatic convolutions
on the last morning of the festival…

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Downton Abbey: 5:1: Hitting the ground running: abjection & looking askance at power still

Final shot of the house in darkness: the trajectory of the episode: unfolding before us its crowded life

Dear friends and readers,

So here we are, another season. 2,286 more words

Film Studies

The decline of women artists under feminism.

You know what I miss about life when I didn’t work full-time? Time to think, that’s what. I am too rushed to think properly most nights. 278 more words

Bringing Your Gifts to a Women's Circle

There are all types of circles meeting out there.

There are Christian-based ones, ones that highlight a different religion each meeting, ones that use art or dance, Pagan ones heavy on ritual, ones that want to create change globally and support causes, environmental or otherwise … what do they all have in common? 446 more words

Karen Moon

At Dance Fusion workshop: Bobby Darin's Artificial Flowers

From Sandy Welch’s film adaptation of Dickens’s Our Mutual Friend: the disabled Jenny Wren

Dear friends and readers,

Very Dickens, I said aloud. Appropriate for this season and time I felt: 245 more words


Laura Poitras's trilogy: My country, My Country; The Oath; Citizen Four; Jon Stewart's Rosewater

Laura Poitras, photo by James Day

Jon Stewart with the male star of Rosewater, Gael Garcia Bernal

Dear friends and readers,

Over the past few weeks I’ve watched a series of documentaries about what might be called the state of the political world and military actions conducted by the Bush and succeeding US administration (Obama) in reaction to 9/11; this includes the present omnipresent use of surveillance over (I suppose) everyone by various US and UK (and other states’) agencies, imprisonment often w/o trial of literally countless individuals, the use of solitary confinement and other forms of torture. 3,452 more words

20th Century Culture