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Anniversary of a Fashion Icon

Decades after her death, Audrey Hepburn remains an icon of unparalleled style, beauty and talent. She earned her first Oscar for Roman Holiday in 1953, and with a posthumous Grammy in 1994 she became the fifth person to win the Oscar, Grammy, Emmy and Tony awards. 72 more words


Lawyer Blogs Can Deal With More than Cases, Statutes, and Legislative History, Even Clothing, Shoes, and Fashion Mysteries

In the infamous legal comedy, Legally Blonde, the female attorneys are criticized for their wardrobe extremes. Elle Woods wears bright pink clothing, low-cut dresses, and inappropriate clothing to wear in court. 409 more words

Cute Hats

Each hat above can be found at this link  http://www.bornprettystore.com/product_info.php?ref=2542&products_id=8144&affiliate_banner_id=1  leading you to where  you can buy these cute fun hats. I’m definitely a hat person, I love wearing them and sporting them with very cute outfits.


Make Pay-Day a Grey-Day

So if you were looking into my wardrobe you could probably tell I like to keep my clothes pretty basic, Nude (Obviously), White, Black, and Grey, with the occasional Navy and Khaki appearance… 795 more words


Upcycled Vintage Clip Earrings into Modern Pierced Earrings

Another way I like to repurpose vintage jewelry is to “upcycle”, which means that I am making an old or unused piece better or more usable. 79 more words

Vintage Jewelry

On Trend - Women's Fashion

Oh hey, it’s me again!

I’m generally not the type of woman to stray away from black pants but when I seen these pixie’s at Old Navy I couldn’t resist. 20 more words


Rock the Street with Style, Oomph and Pizzazz!!

Fashion emerges from anything or anywhere, be it high class glamorous fashion or the casual street wear. The fashion industry experiences continuous and rapid changes in the trends with every season or festivals. 485 more words

Boss Chic