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Sunshine, Vitamin D and SPF

So, if I have a moisturiser of SPF 15 and a foundation of SPF 25, what is the combined level of protection? Well, sadly you can’t accumulate the value – so it doesn’t become 40, but equally you don’t diminish it down to an average of 20. 283 more words


7 a day! No way, José

Can’t imagine managing 7 portions of fruit and veg a day? The secret is to spread it throughout your meals.  Add some fresh strawberries or dried apricots to your cereal, have mushrooms with your scrambled egg, put tomato in your bacon butty. 317 more words


Ovarian Cancer

March 2014 – Ovarian Cancer awareness month. Wrongly referred to as the ‘silent cancer’ it is really the ‘ ignored cancer’: the majority of women diagnosed had had early symptoms but these were just put down to ageing or weight gain.   207 more words


Uterine Fibroids Do Not Prevent Genital Function - Amanda Leto

It is also important to take into account the woman’s age and her plans for having children.  In most cases, uterine fibroids do not prevent genital function and does not require the traditional medical or surgical treatment. 206 more words

Amanda Leto Scam

Plus ca Change?

You know if you wait long enough, what was old becomes new again. Old fashions become retro and are seriously nouveau. I don’t wear ties or cuffed pants, but I’m sure if I hunted around in the closet I could find something that would make a teenager’s eyes water. 1,096 more words