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Unknown Heroes.

This post is inspired by an event which I attended yesterday. During this event every participant was required to tell us their most inspirational person (Dead or Alive). 468 more words

Women's History

Terrorism or Freedom Fighting?

Yesterday saw the 156th Birthday of the woman who many see as the one who eventually gained women the right to vote in Britain – Emmeline Pankhurst. 911 more words

Women's History

The Science of Memory.

Despite the title of this piece, this is not going to be a very in depth article detailing how we remember things. Instead this article was sparked by a game of Pointless I was watching earlier today. 671 more words

Women's History

Politics and Contraception

So recently the US attitude toward contraception has been hitting the headlines, with Obama care coming into direct conflict with religious groups who object to the covering of birth control under health insurance policies. 672 more words

Women's History

Mary Dyer, Friend of Freedom

Mary Dyer (1611-1660) is the first book in our Big Biography series. It tells the remarkable story of one woman’s two-decades long struggle to make sure that people were free to worship as they pleased. 132 more words

American History

On beauty

There have been countless articles, videos, and movements designed to highlight the impossibility and destructive consequences of Western society’s unhealthy beauty standards for women. 866 more words


May's diaries get a fresh airing

About a month ago, our family had a very different kind of afternoon than usual.  A makeup lady and a photographer spent the afternoon with us.  482 more words