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Amazing Women Who Inspire Us ! Zina Nicole Lahr and Margaret E. Knight.

Zina Nicole Lahr

It is never fair when you hear stories about the unexpected death of someone, especially someone who is so young. Today is the 1st year anniversary of the untimely accidental death of Zina Nicole Lahr. 647 more words

Women's History

Women's History Told

“I prefer the pen. There is something elemental about the glide and flow of nib and ink on paper.”
― James RobertsonThe Testament of Gideon Mack… 202 more words


Will the real Lady Godiva please raise your hand ?

Did the real Lady Godiva actually ride through Coventry naked is a question that we have all been asking for centuries. ? If it is true, it may be the most famous public act of nudity in recorded history. 498 more words


Viva la Trousers Revolution !

The inspiration for the following article came about looking at old b&w photographs of Hollywood starlets. Two actresses in particular caught my attention, Marlene Dietrich and Katherine Hepburn because of what they were wearing in the photographs. 967 more words