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Next Women's Workshop: Sunday 14th September Marrickville

The Body Sacred: Embracing the Divine Sensual

It is every woman’s birthright to feel alive, sensual, attractive and happy in her body. The pure inner self of every human is innately beautiful, strong and loving. 137 more words

Sacred Sexuality

Sacred Sexuality: The Evolution of Intimacy

Many Westerners are being drawn to a more holistic approach to life in general, and their personal lives are no exceptions. People often have a sense of something more, a higher purpose or meaning, that they yearn for, even if they can’t articulate exactly what it is. 456 more words

Sacred Sexuality

Remember What You're Made Of

What are little girls made of, made of?

What are little girls made of?

Sugar and spice,  and everything nice,

that’s what little girls are made of. 204 more words


How Strong is Your Love: Chapter 18


There are a ton of things going through my mind. As I sit here in my room in the dark, I ask myself, “Horace, are you crazy?” I’m not sure about this, but let me ask you something or just put yourself in my place and ask yourself these questions. 581 more words


Opening Reception: Femininity Beyond Archetypes

Femininity Beyond Archetypes: Photography by Natalia Arias of Colombiahighlights themes closely connected with OAS values through AMA’s mission to promote social impact through the arts and the Inter-American Commission of Women’s (CIM) work towards gender equality and the participation and leadership of women. 270 more words


OPINION — NBC Receives Backlash For Rejecting "Obvious Child" Ad — And For Good Reason

Big names like Lena Dunham and Planned Parenthood have stood up to NBC after the network refused to air a trailer that includes the word “abortion” for the romantic comedy… 408 more words