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Vote Out Those who Blocked the Paycheck Fairness Act

On April 9, Melissa Francis of Fox Business said that the gender pay gap is probably a good thing, because the lower pay means that companies can afford to keep women on staff during difficult times. 511 more words

Take Back the Tech, Don't Take it Away

Here’s a video clip in which a Trini mom explains that after observing changes in her nine year-old son’s behaviour she became worried that something was wrong.   1,039 more words


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"So many teens have mobile phones, how many of these teens have educational apps on those phones? How many teachers are using mobile technology as part of their pedagogy? Couldn’t we use e-tools to deliver the comprehensive sexuality education that many CARICOM governments are fighting to keep out of school?"

Cinderella ruined everything...

But don’t get me wrong, it’s still my favorite Disney movie of all time. However, it really did ruin everything.

As little girls, we’re taught that we are princesses and that someday, indeed, our prince will come to save the day whether it’s having their servants put on your missing glass slipper, kiss you once to wake you up from a coma or fight off something evil from blocking your path to happiness. 963 more words


{REAL} Girls Who Vape

Since I started vaping I started getting into more vaping things on the old interwebs. I follow lots of vaping companies and people who vape on Instagram. 383 more words

Thrity Umrigar: The Weight of Heaven

Title: The Weight of Heaven
Author: Thrity Umrigar
Genre: 21st Century Indian Literature, 21st Century American Literature, Postcolonialism, Cultural Fiction, Literary Fiction
Format: Hardcover
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Women's Work: The Economic Mobility of Women Across a Generation

Women’s Work: The Economic Mobility of Women Across a Generation. The Pew Charitable Trusts. April 2014.

The study demonstrates that women’s increased labor force participation and earnings have enabled some families to maintain their places on the economic ladder or, particularly among families at the bottom, to move up.

United States

A Saudi Woman Who Dared to Drive

I am finally writing about my next topic! Because I insist on putting a lot of work into my blog posts, (especially in regards to making it relevant to my class and the assignment-and getting a good grade) I procrastinated in picking what I wanted to discuss next. 1,620 more words