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50 Shades of... Disaster.

Over the past couple of days I have seen many trailers for 50 Shades of Grey, countdowns and other still photos from the upcoming movie. I have also read a few articles, written by men, detailing how we as women should not be behind this movie. 721 more words

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When The Hills Are Alive With Celibate Cries: Embracing Masturbation For Females

There has been many conversations that I have either overheard or been involved with that have denounced the existence of female pleasure. I have heard lines like: “Well if a lad is bored, he can just wank; what do girls do in their spare time?”. 663 more words

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My husband is more to me than a living jar-opener

If you’ve been on the internet at all in the past week, you’ve probably already seen the Women Against Feminism tumblr going around, or at the very least read about it. 892 more words

Heart And Mind

Diana reblogged this on Part Time Monster and commented:

Yes. This. A thousand times, this. I haven't been able to figure out how to write about this situation yet, because it perplexes me. I don't understand the backlash against a movement that has, without a major war, helped to level the playing field in everything from voting rights to education to what jobs are open to me. I'm confused by the suggestion that the work of feminism is "done," too, when there are still massive gender and sex inequalities that get even more complex when a person's race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, economic status, or geographical location marks them as different from the status quo.

The Role of Wives & Mothers in Building a Kingdom-Driven Family

This presentation was delivered on June 14, 2014 during the Chalcedon Foundation’s Law & Liberty Tour event in Campbell, CA.

You can download an mp3 version here:


Ask the Church Lady: What's this man doing to my daughter???

Hey babies,

Now you all know that I am a wise woman and I pride myself on having just a little bit of Common sense, but I never claimed to be Dear Abbey. 624 more words

Video: Camp gives London girls glimpse of firefighting, promotes closing gender gap

Young women have been reaching new heights in London, thanks to an inspirational fire service project.

Welcome to Camp FFIT, where 20 courageous participants are scaling ladders, rappelling down walls, winding up hoses and generally taking on all sorts of amazing challenges. 304 more words


18 examples of imaginary privilege

I was reading an article on a website, when I saw a link for this one. I was intrigued. I have female privilege? What kind of power do I unfairly wield against men and how can I abuse said power? 2,207 more words

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