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Women's issues in Bogota

Women’s rights is currently a hot issue in Colombia, and campaigns are actively trying to put an end to domestic violence and abuse against women. This isn’t just a problem which exists behind closed doors; it has branched out to public transport, and particularly the Transmilenio system, with women being harassed and molested as they travel on packed buses. 552 more words

Life In Bogotá

Carrie Chapman Catt

Carrie Chapman Catt was an American suffragist and outspoken supporter of human rights. Carrie was the Valedictorian and only woman in her graduating class from Iowa State Agricultural College and the first female superintendent of the Mason City school district. 235 more words


PSA: On Cat-Calling

Dear men,

Stop. Just stop. Stop whistling, stop yelling “hey hottie” or “yeah baby”, and stop making lude motions at us. We are human beings. We have emotions and thoughts just like you and we do not appreciate being belittled by your calls. 179 more words

Women's Rights

On Becoming a Feminist

I grew up in a home where women and men are treated the same (or close enough, boys mow the lawn and girls don’t– my mom was stay-at-home and made dinner, but not in an oppressed way, she always wanted to be a full-time mom). 602 more words

Decision to deny certain self-employed women maternity benefits violated CEDAW (Elisabeth de Blok et al. v. the Netherlands)

In 1998, the Netherlands established mandatory insurance for self-employed workers (and certain other categories of workers). The scheme insured against the risk of loss of income due to inability to work and, … 860 more words


A House Divided

Not too long ago I was at a reception for a charity for gifted and talented African students and was speaking to a representative of the Nigerian high commission. 122 more words

Galatians 3:28

On My Mind: Hook-ups & Pics

The Right to Choose: “to send a Pic or to not send a Pic.”

Suddenly single at 40,  I chose to delve into the contemporary culture of my geographic location.  449 more words