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Role Model: Dorothy Height

Ms. Height was both a strong feminist and a black woman in a time when neither received much respect. This incredible woman hailed as the “godmother of the civil rights movement” was born 102 years ago this past March, and helped shape the United States to be a more accepting nation. 69 more words

Women's Rights

Challenge: Equal pay

This beautiful and passionate speech by Senator Barbara Mikulski would have earned our votes, but the US Senate failed for the third time to pass the equal pay act. 52 more words

Challenge: More money for our work!

Minimum wage in New York was raised to $10.10 which will help support the many independent women who work all day to support themselves. (Source)

Women's Rights

Challenge: P.E. for all!

In Saudi Arabia, a protest was staged to prevent a law that would allow young girls to receive physical education in school. (Source)

Women's Rights

Because I am a Girl

In comparison to boys and men, women (young and old) are disadvantaged, valued less, in most, if not all, societies

Plan (http://www.plan-uk.org/) is one charity that tries to change that


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A Woman's Day #Throughglass

This amazing video was done by a group of London creatives , the video is  unbranded and to my understanding Google had no involvement in the creation either. 9 more words