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Why don't I blog on abortion?


I woke up early – yes, the beast is being nice to me.

And I cooked some breakfast tacos. OK, I actually cooked tacos for breakfast, some might not have considered those to be the actual breakfast tacos that South Texas is famous for. 353 more words


Mind the Overconfidence Gap

At conferences and networking events, I sometimes stand on the sidelines and watch for a while. I like to get a feel for the room. I like to understand who is present – “Is she the keynote speaker?” “Is that the professor my other professor encouraged me to meet?” “Is that the PhD student? 687 more words

The way we frame "Unassisted Childbirth" matters

I birthed unassisted and am painfully aware of the prevailing attitudes out there surrounding it.  This post is an exploration of how Unassisted Childbirth (UC)¹ is generally perceived and how (mis)perceptions of UC have a negative impact on women. 1,543 more words

The World

Becoming An Egg Donor: The Application

I’ve only just started my journey to becoming an egg donor.
The initial screening process to determine if I was eligible, alone, felt invasive. I had to answer a questionnaire that asked for a summary of who I am inside and out. 929 more words

Brandeis University dishonors women

Last week Brandeis University withdrew its offer to Ayaan Hirsi Ali to speak at its commencement ceremony and receive an honorary doctorate degree.  As a child growing up in Somalia in a strict Muslim community, Ali endured genital mutilation, a forced marriage, and horrific beatings.  1,111 more words

Islamic Shari'ah

Neil deGrasse Tyson on Why There Aren't Black or Female Scientists

To set the scene, the (poorly posed) question is referring to comments made by former Treasury Secretary and Harvard University President Lawrence Summers, who suggested that genetic differences could explain why there are fewer girls in science (in a much more demeaning manner). 10 more words