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Safe in the city?

I start this post with a sobering statement. The world we live in is not safe… for women especially! We live in a sinful world. We live in a world where men abuse their wives, and many times their daughters. 1,099 more words


The narratives about womanlihood that are suddenly floating around on the political landscape are shocking. Sheikh Rashid calling Bilawal Bhutto Bilo Rani was enraging, and that too in crowds that are talking of a new Pakistan and in the presence of so many women. 612 more words


Video of catcalling sparks controversy and receives rape threats

The video of a woman walking through the streets of New York while being bombarded with catcalls was released on Tuesday, and it has already sparked controversy over the nature of street harassment. 613 more words


Be a Follower, Don’t Vote! but don't complain either...

This is not a literary piece. It’s personal. Cover your ears and hide your eyes if you don’t want to know my opinion.

I need to rant on those Americans who don’t vote, but have the nerve to bitch and complain about the state our country is in. 226 more words

Women's Fiction

Wait, women don't like these things? Well I'll be.

By now you’ve probably seen the video of a woman walking around New York City receiving over 100 catcalls that is making the rounds on the internet, and if you haven’t I’m sure it’ll make its way into your sphere of internet relevancy by the end of the week. 1,149 more words

New York City

Street Harassment

So yesterday I watched the video of a woman walking through New York, being catcalled at least 100 times by multiple men over 10 hours. In case you haven’t seen it (and you should see it) it’s here: 1,755 more words


New Endeavors

Yikes, it has been awhile.  I should have known as soon as I created this blog, life would throw every obstacle my way to keep me from updating.   413 more words