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RIP Colleen McCullough — You Deserved So Much Better

by Beverly Forehand, Editor at Large

When beloved Australian author Colleen McCullough passed away on Thursday, one publication decided to take it upon themselves and both self-destruct and insult her memory at the same time: 802 more words


Run, Pinay! Run!

Myth #1: A rape victim must try to escape at every opportunity. People v. Custodio, (Criminal Case No. 37,921-96, April 26, 2005).

On 16 July 2010… 578 more words

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So much more than good cooks!

This week, The Australian published an obituary for beloved and best-selling Australian author, Colleen McCullough. Her obituary opened with:

COLLEEN McCullough, Australia’s best-selling author, was a charmer.

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Womens Rights

Pro-Choice - A Woman's Fundamental Right To Choose

There is no scientific consensus as to when human life begins. It is a matter of philosophic opinion or religious belief. Human life is a continuum—sperm and eggs are also alive, and represent potential human beings, but virtually all sperm and eggs are wasted. 397 more words

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What if humans were flourishing and human rights were the norm?

Too often, human beings are treated unjustly, marginalized, oppressed, abused, and targeted for criminal acts. Human Rights Society is a nonprofit dedicated to advocating for human rights for all because we all have universal and intrinsic value equally. 84 more words

Human Trafficking

Feminism: New or Old Business?

Feminism: the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men. To some this definition may seem like a no brainer, but realistically it is not. 362 more words


Signs of our Times

We live in troubled times; the news reports make us sick. But, actually, it is not just ‘the times’, but humanity as a whole which allows dreadful things to happen, and it is only when the news of how sickeningly people behave hits us that we wake up to ask for changes. 564 more words