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First Encounters: Welcome to Punnupakkam

Ms. Sheelu Francis, the director of Women’s Collective, had eagerly spoken of the ‘Children’s Panchayat’. This was derived from the Gram Panchayat system which is a type of local-level government which villages operate under. 761 more words


Where Did Female Solidarity Go?

It has become too much of a regular occurrence that women and their choices are at the centre of media attention. How much do they weigh? 598 more words


The "F" Word

No, not that “F” word, the other one: feminism.

The word feminist has about as many dirty and immediate connotations as the word atheist. People instantly judge you if you call yourself one or the other. 1,103 more words

Serious Business

Si se puede.

Two peas in a feminist pod over here. Find Bey’s photo here on her Instagram. Mine is from the lovely and talented Meg Wethersfield Photography


FGM - The Most Frightening Acronym Ever Devised

Have you heard of this acronym? In my experience 3-letter acronyms are the preserve of the IT industry, but in this instance they are very glad to give this one a wide berth. 1,154 more words