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Minister's Formula for Women's Safety - No Bikinis, No Short Skirts, No Pubs in Goa

A senior minister has again spoken about women clothing responsible for their safety. In the era of enlightenment and knowledge, a senior minister of BJP led government in Goa has considered short skirts and binkies unsafe for women. 336 more words


India Sees Red Over $33 Million Statue in PM Modi's First Budget

India’s new budget is courting controversy after $33 million was earmarked for a statue of national icon Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, but only $25 million for women’s safety and $16.5 million for the education of young girls. 222 more words

If You Try Touching These Boobs, You May Be In For A Shock

If you’re one of the countless would-be male rapists in India who thinks it’s perfectly OK to just walk up to a woman and paw at her mammaries without her consent, you might get burned—literally. 538 more words

wine and pocket knives

Recently, my best friend and I bought pocket knives. They were $2.80 from Daiso. It was half an impulse purchase, and half very well thought through.  460 more words