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Women's Self-Defense Instructor Shannon Mahoney on what a first instinct can really mean

Mahoney joined Matt to talk about all different ways to approach a dangerous or uncomfortable situation with another person. Mahoney explains several moves that are specific to women in response to an attack, and that she teaches at… 14 more words

WGN Radio

From Boston to Delhi, Marketplace models are only going down the drain!

Delhi cabbie rapes executive returning from party


Uber driver in US charged with rape, kidnapping


Since this has come up, looks like a woman who puts her safety in the hands of a man on the driver’s seat, has placed too much trust & control in his hands to enable him to take advantage of herself in the fast moving confines of his “private property”. 289 more words

What an action!

A girl is raped in a taxi. The taxi is from a well known agency. Bad. So ban the agency to prevent rapes.
Wow. Bullshit right? 217 more words

The Defender

The Defender is the James Bond gadget of women’s safety. It’s the first smart personal protection system.

The one button system which fits in your pocket includes 24/7 monitoring service which alerts law enforcement, Integrated camera which forwards assailant’s picture to authorities, GPS to dispatch help wherever you are, a siren to attract attention, and the highest concentration of pepper spray, all of which are engaged by pressing one single button. 12 more words

Rape cases - knee-jerk reactions to cover-up incompetence

Delhi government on December 08 banned all transport/taxi service providers through web-based technology, till they get licence/permission from the transport department. The action follows an incident of alleged rape by the driver of Uber, a San Francisco-based transport company. 682 more words

Crime Against Women

India "Uber Taxi" Rape - Solution To Keep Women Safe

It is a sad state of affairs India is in at the moment where women are not safe ANYWHERE as rape is an endemic problem. 127 more words

Random Ramblings

how safe is a solo woman traveler in India?

After not writing for four years, I’ve come back to this blog about my adventures in India.  I don’t know why I stopped writing about my India travels — maybe because of the increase in travel blogs (and many about India) and I thought “why bother?” 1,758 more words