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Women's Equality Is Going to Lead to More Grizzly Bear Attacks

What are you? Some kind of “feminist?”

Is there a font for disgust? Because he asked this question with the most disgusted look on his face…you’d think he was asking me if I bathe in dog vomit. 788 more words

Random Dysfunction

Starting the Conversation

Much of American history, with more than a few setbacks, has been about expanding the scope of the Declaration of Independence’s bold statement that  ‘All men are created equal’ to include more and more people. 386 more words


Women candidates and the two parties

On 9/8/14 the Daily Local News published a letter from me under the title “More women would be good for state and country.”

Though I don’t doubt that that title is literally true, what I really said is that “a record number of women and supporters of women’s rights elected to office in Harrisburg and Washington this year would be good for Pennsylvania and the country.” … 935 more words

PA Politics

Alder king's men

I always knew that the government in Canada (and its provincial and municipal subsidiaries) has historically been an old boy’s club. The term “alderman” just oozes older white rich oligarchic businessmen lounging in mahogany chairs with scotch and cigars, harrumphing about their financial exploits in transport, or manufacturing, or maybe textiles, or lawyering. 873 more words


Emily Davison

Did you know that on this day in 1872, Emily Davison was born? Emily Davison was the British suffragette who tragically died after being trampled by the king’s horse on Epsom Derby Day, 1913. 70 more words

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