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What Constitutes Progress?

Last week’s post Horrible People  got me thinking about the nature of progress. I’m planning on doing a few posts on the theme.

Progress is hard to define. 731 more words


Horrible People

Once, in English Composition class my freshman year of college, I had a big thick book sitting on my desk. The professor asked what I was reading, and I told her it was a collection of essays by G.K. 563 more words


Civil Rights ... god and nature NOT the government ?

just another rant …my opinion

I don’t know about you but I think of the Declaration of Independence as our social contract … right. Though if you listen to Republicans, it seems they missed that class, ignored it or have gone completely rogue and prefer their own ideology they are currently following.  342 more words

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What Black Women in West Philadelphia Had to Say About Women’s Equality Day

by Jasmine Burnett, National Black Network for Reproductive Justice

August 27, 2014 – 11:30 am

Rarely, if ever, are Black women interviewed in the neighborhoods where they live and asked about a policy’s impact on their lives. 1,644 more words

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Feisty Females: Alice Harrell Strickland

Her campaign slogan in 1921, just one year after women were granted the right to vote, was “I will clean up Duluth and rid it of demon rum.”  She had been compelled into the race for mayor of Duluth, Georgia that year, having been a strong advocate for women’s suffrage in the years leading up to the amendment’s passage, and as an active participant in her city’s civic affairs.  866 more words

Feisty Females

Thursday Thoughts #5

A List of Recent Adventures

1. I went to the Walmart near school, because I needed some soda and juice, and pop corn. Because my college is in the middle of nowheresville, we had to take the super sketchy route (We didn’t know any other way to get there…). 92 more words


Why, Bless You, Googs!

If you have a Google account, you get a nifty Google Doodle for your birthday. Tuesday (Aug. 26) was my birthday, and narcissism shot to record levels when I saw this every time I went online: 235 more words