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Becoming in Moonlight, Middle School

I had my first validation as a dancer at the 5th grade pool party. I had my first validation as a woman at a 5th grade dance. 275 more words


Show tonight

Trying to make it out to this tonight! I’ll let ya’ll know how it goes!

In a land of insecurity, where curly haired kids wanted straight hair and heavy kids wanted to lose weight and skinny kids wanted to gain it and everybody wanted to be somebody else, the one true beauty was the girl who simply knew herself and was happy with what she knew.

- The Wonder Years

Ranking The 10 Best Girls Next Door In Television History

The girl next door is a popular archetype, but not that frequently used in television. The girl next door often grew up in the neighborhood and she’s usually a very sweet, wholesome girl. 562 more words


Welcome to the wonder years

I’m sitting at my dining room table, a window ajar behind me, a slightly cool breeze drafting through, it’s a relief from the stupidly muggy day it’s been. 204 more words

Justin Timberlake

Therapy is ..

.. stumbling upon a new beach park when attending a barbeque party; inhaling the lovely smell of roast sweet potatoes and watching the sea through the gaps between the coconut trees, thinking of this beauty called life, feeling inspired to take that one extra step to make one dream a reality; letting the nostalgia of summer holidays by the not-so-clean riverside wash over you because while this cleanliness looks beautiful and pristine, the memories associated with a not-so-clean beach are priceless. 425 more words


Do Danica McKellar & Candice Cameron Bure Hate Each Other?

False! They did in fact share a boyfriend back in the day, but trust us there is no hate amongst the girls.

Do you remember Jeremy Miller from Growing Pains? 123 more words