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Wonder Woman

I wish I was Wonder Woman

Actually, when I spin around and around and around and around – I just wish my clothes changed – I don’t care if I don’t have any superpowers.


Raw Thought Prayers

Art manipulates the mind…
Artists… Video’s…
Grabs you, holds you..
Fills you with hope.
Is it because we like it?
Do they want us to like it… 130 more words

Who Will Tell the Story Today?

Monday, April 21

By Lu Mountenay of Independence, Missouri, USA

Be respectful of tradition. Do not fail to listen attentively to the telling of the sacred story, for the story of scripture and of faith empowers and illuminates… 446 more words

Continuing Revelation

as time expands

Juan Gatti.

With much thanks to Beth at Alive On All Channels…As Time Expands

A Wave Can Be a Particle   by Eleanor Lerman

Here is the problem: that the life the body… 329 more words


Easter Reflections

Half-way around the lake, I had to stop and snap this pic. The sun and the trees and the water all intertwined in a way that seemed really cool and kind of meaningful to me as I finished my run. 41 more words


Sources of Joy - Day 8

Easter Sunday

My day started in Australia just after midnight my time. I phoned my sister (the new mother-in-law) to wish her a happy Easter. What a lovely conversation that was! 380 more words

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