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A Wonderland

Through your eyes of sweet folly,

I found, on a summer holiday,

A wonderland!

A whirlpool of magical delights!

In the bird nests, lo! Mint candies! 121 more words

Poems And Quotes

Day 1.5: The State of Wonderland

Like with every tale, there is explanation, or back-story. Mine has a long, complex one, but let’s just stick to what actually makes my head a Wonderland. 453 more words

Review: Wonderland #29

The stories from Wonderland, as they fit into the larger Grimm Fairy Tales Universe, remain the hallmark for Zenescope about how the shared universe should be handled.  347 more words


Day 1: Welcome to Wonderland

So, welcome to Wonderland.

This is the beginning of our journey delving into the mind of Grace, a befuddled young woman battling her own demons and whimsy in her own personal Wonderland. 472 more words

The Winter Wonderland TAG!

Hello everybody!

So as winter and Christmas is fast approaching, I felt it appropriate to do the ‘Winter Wonderland’ tag! I found this tag on YouTube, but I thought it’d be easier to do it on my blog. 389 more words


wonder land

Happy Winter to all! *casually waves* I have to say, I’m not the biggest fan of winter. Of the cold. Of the snow. It’s not my favorite season and the nostalgia that comes along with the silent first flurries of snowfall and the warm, glowing feelings of Christmas are covered in shadow. 297 more words


alice, a poem

will you come with me
on strange adventures
nothing restricting us
dreams becoming alive
everything whimsical and peculiar
reality blooming like a flower
leaking off vitality and hope… 10 more words