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White Winter Morning

The clouds, they cover they sky,

tucked in and warm as the snow falls,

lightly sprinkling the ground-

just as my dreams fall,

first floating… 60 more words

Day 24: Still Down in Wonderland

I still fell awful. I do not feel like writing.

That is my least favorite mood, when I am too empty and numb to even want to write. 79 more words

Fashion theme: Alice in wonderland

You would think that for Alice in wonderland I would do Alice, but I find these two’s outfits much more fun!


first the mad hatter. 164 more words

How not to Tinder.

So, you know Tinder?

If you don’t, you’re probably lucky.

It’s like the next generation of online dating, ish.

It’s a bit addictive.

You’re shown lots of boys (or girls); you ‘swipe’ yes or no to them. 502 more words


Postcards from Wonderland #4

You know what’s “curiouser and curiouser?” A young woman not only liking certain postcards so much she’s more excited about their arrival than the things she ordered, but her being so anal about these things that she waits until she has five to share ‘em. 165 more words