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Journal Entry Inspired by Meredith Monk

A couple weeks ago, I wrote this journal entry after seeing musician and choreographer Meredith Monk’s latest show On Behalf of Nature. I thought I’d share it with you: 184 more words


QuickPlay: The Marvellous Miss Take

Miss Sophia Take has a problem. A fiendish bounder has made off with her inheritance, a priceless art collection, and she wants it back. In true her own inimitable style, she dons her fanciest hat and starts to sytematically burgle the galleries that house her stolen Cezannes and pilfered Picassos. 607 more words


Review: The Marvellous Miss Take (PC)

The Marvellous Miss Take flips an otherwise dark and serious category of games on its head, with a lighthearted and colorful take on the Stealth genre. 965 more words


'The Marvellous Miss Take' Review

Platforms PC, Mac (Steam)
Developer Wonderstruck   Publisher Rising Star Games
Genre Action   Platform Played On PC

Video games based on using stealth to bypass enemies are nothing new. 817 more words


Favourite Fragrances

Hey Everyone!

Goodness, it feels like it has been a lifetime since I have posted! I have had a lot going on lately – I moved houses and changed University courses to name a few things, so I’m very sorry I haven’t been as active. 233 more words


Montana Bliss


I don’t think I can adequately describe my happiness right now in this moment or today or just in general lately. I don’t know if it’s my favorite jeans or the almost constant contact I keep with my best friends or the plethora of new lyrics I have to listen to or unexpected phone calls or work or the fact that I see my family and dog in two weeks (excuse while I jump up and down from pure, unadulterated excitement) or my writing lately or the people I’ve been spending time with or the coffee shop I’m currently in, but I’m just happy. 266 more words

50 Shades of Perfume

Alright guys, one more post before I bid adios for the week.

I was shopping a couple of weeks ago and I got stopped by a saleswoman. 205 more words

Taylor Swift