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Review - Oasis – (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? (1995)

What can I say? (What’s The Story) Morning Glory?, the triumphant second album from Britpoppers Oasis, is a masterpiece.

Ringing with a wah-wah reverb and layers of guitars, ‘Hello’ kicks off the album. 345 more words



Cause babyIloveyou.. 💓
You do it so perfectly, Iloveyou.

Well ya again, I really ask myself are you doing all this purposely? #Formals.. I spent my whole day looking at your photograph. 66 more words



Every night its the same, just a little deep the pain gets.



Changes are good but changing yourself for worse is never acceptable. I can’t believe he thought that way for himself. Utter nonsense it was! I hold no right on him yet I want to make him understand how important few things are in his life and he shouldn’t be messing around with them. 72 more words


Journey's no end.

So far I have come yet I still find him close to me. There’s still this feeling of loving him endlessly. I look back and I see those wonderful memories spent with him but the time I look forward it’s full of curves.



Amreen's the One. ♡

Amreen’s the One. ♡
Surprisingly, Amreen fills few of the empty portions. If there’s a time where I feel scared or tensed about something..I take amreen’s name and remember YOU and in that single moment am back to normal. 90 more words