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Once a year Day!

No matter far or close I can never forget to love him.
Its his day but I’ll be Lil crazy too!


If The Police Can Quote Oasis Songs Then I Can Too

If it’s okay for the police to quote Oasis songs when reporting crimes and injustice then it’s okay for me.

Bought my soup at the canteen for lunch today, sat down.

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George Harrison: Wonderwall Music/Electronic Sound (Apple Records)

George Harrison’s legacy as a solo artist cannot be denied. Though he kept his career very low-key—only two tours, one in the US, and one in Japan—his solo releases were a varied fare; some good, some forgettable, and some downright interesting. 616 more words

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Say Goodbye To Beady Eye

As reported on Sky News Liam Gallagher announced on Twitter that his band, Beady Eye, are to split. 300 more words


Wonderwall Chords by Oasis

Wonderwall Chords by Oasis

Intro |: Em7 G | Dsus4 | A7sus4 | Em7 G | Dsus4 | A7sus4 :|

Verse 1:

Em7      G
Today is gonna be the day… 457 more words


#Trending: How Well Do You Know The Lyrics To "Wonderwall"

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Wonderwall came out in 1995

GREAT song!  But how long has it been since you’ve listened to it?

Do you remember the lyrics?

Take the quiz here!!

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