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What about the Pollywaffle?

Take Our PollSo, it has come to my attention that a lot of people don’t know about certain Chocolate Bars and Sweets that have been discontinued over the years. 439 more words

Albury Lolly Shop

OMG! Candy TDF!!!

I recently had the pleasure of coming across the wonderful people at TaffyMail . If you haven’t heard of them and if (like me!) you’re partial to a bit of sweetness, they’re well worth a try. 351 more words

Not Amused Musings

Like the phoenix rising from the ashes, Murphy’s Musings is back!

I wish there could be a better reason for prompting me to return, such as an epiphany in a dream where Tina Fey said, ‘”you can do it!” but alas it’s much less glamorous. 360 more words


Ferguson Across Cultures

I wanted to write this a long time ago, but had too much work. Anyway:

In order to understand this post, take exactly 10 seconds to gloss over each of the articles… 637 more words

I've got a golden ticket!

Getting quite excited here at the Candy Crash Labs. As a special Christmas surprise, me and my sister have booked ourselves a break next weekend to go to the bright light of London, but this isn’t just any ordinary trip, oh no! 233 more words


How Willy Wonka Hires A Manager

I’m a fan of a movie classic named Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. Especially dear to me is the actor Gene Wilder and the many child actors in it. 1,144 more words

Small Opinion

Friendship is pretty sweet

Sometimes, when you’re having an especially rough day, a coworker notices and offers a token of camaraderie, and it really helps.

Cheers, mate.