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Hey Babe

Hey babe, please pardon me for my harshness
Your body is so succulent I can’t resist
Comparing it to a cucumber is lack of words… 203 more words

My Poetry

Alex Woo "Little Luck" Sterling Silver Elephant Pendant Necklace, 16"

When an elephant makes its way into your dream, it’s a message meaning that you are able to conquer any of life’s obstacles. Representing happiness, solidity and good luck, the Little Luck Elephant pendant will help you overcome any challenges with triumph. 13 more words

Empath and other things that I'm not

I’ve written one blog about Intuition & Psychic Ability: Your Spiritual GPS. I recently finished the book and found that it was chalk full of extras. 1,754 more words


The news: the good, the woo, and the quackery

Thanks to several readers, I’m kept up on the latest news about religion, cats, woo, and so on.  I’ve collected three items here, which I’ll describe briefly (you can read more at the links). 1,505 more words


One year Blog-niversary!

It felt like the right occasion to post something today because it’s been a year since my first post! :D:D A year passed by so quickly and yet so slowly at the same time. 851 more words

The Awe of Ignorance

I hate disclaimers. Here is one: Writing is a primary outlet for me, and, on the plus side, it’s a fairly healthy way to air my grievances. 760 more words