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UPG and "woo"

I am not a reconstructionist. I am a devotional polytheist. There has been a lot of UGP and “woo” in my practise.

UPG means “unverified personal gnosis” where “gnosis” means “knowlege”. 374 more words

Egg retrieval #2

What a morning. I had to wake up at 4:45 in order to be scrubbed clean and at the hospital by 6:30. The morning went without a hitch, and there was even a lack of traffic on the roads so we got here nearly half an hour early. 1,048 more words

RMAF 2014: Woo Audio WA8 portable DAC/headphone amp takes a step closer

Last month, I got a chance to catch a whiff of the new WA8 portable DAC/headphone amplifier coming from Woo Audio. Here at RMAF, that unit took several steps closer to reality. 310 more words


Not mine, but important: What the f--k is with these anti-vax people?

This was written by an RN that I know, and I felt it was important enough to share:

As a RN I was haunted (yes-haunted, anti-intellectualism in nursing is deeply troubling to me) “Nurses against Mandatory vaccines.” I went to the Facebook page and what I found was far worse than nurses who don’t want to be told what to do. 348 more words


The Glucola isn't toxic but the FoodBabe's advice is

Up until now I’ve merely glanced at the FoodBabe’s unscientific mumbo jumbo and chemically implausible claims about a variety of “toxins” in foods, but now I hear she has her sights sets on the Glucola. 945 more words


Yoga's more than a workout (without getting too "woo" about it)

Recently I was part of a dialog about the appropriate place on a university campus for yoga to be practiced. For many reasons, a fitness center could make sense, if it was accessible to all, and the yoga was taught with regard for its ancient roots. 375 more words