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Chopra wants me to officially endorse his new paradigm of consciousness

I got an email from one of the Deepakity’s assistants two nights ago, which said this:

Deepak wanted me to share this letter with you and wondered if you would consider signing it along with 1,000 others scientists.

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My Love

Don’t worry, there is no sappy lovey-dovey stuff in this post.
I wrote this a while ago, about what writing means to me. Utterly random.  271 more words


Happy to announce.

I actually plucked up the courage to ask my boyfriend why he repeatedly looked up his ex girlfriend on Facebook. I thought he would finish with me when he realised what I had done but he simply told me he was being nosey, and I really had nothing to worry about concerning her. 59 more words



The slipping of glasses over her face

Looking to the sun finally as it sets

The beaches are golden and have this

Distinct fragrance of freedom longed… 44 more words


Pet hates part one: Bad grammar and other misuses of language or punctuation that should be known as crimes against humanity

After all the emotionally driven posts it’s time for a change of pace.

I love the access to information that the internet brings. I used to read books, and had a large collection of them, but like everything else, they were lost in my years of active addiction. 1,171 more words


Do doctors treat pensioners with snake oil?

A cheering and optimistic story about dementia at HealthInsightUK.org.When Obhi Chatterjee’s dad was diagnosed, Obhi set about researching the most plausible supplements and diets to help him. 663 more words

Lack Of Evidence