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Life is Strange Enough - Quit Making Stuff Up!

I am going to start this entry with a book recommendation, for a change.

It’s a book written by someone who made a decent living as a “medium”, with work on the side as a ghost hunter/house cleanser.   1,283 more words

Petty Annoyances


Okay, so I didn’t actually take this picture, my sister sent it to me from her work. how beautiful is this bulb? It has a carbon filament. 10 more words


Internet Politeness Norms & Alternate...Everything

Today’s post is about internet politeness norms (there don’t seem to be any), alternative medicine/treatments (aka “woo”), and the general alternative reality that a lot of people seem to be living in (virtual reality in its many forms). 3,336 more words

Petty Annoyances

New beginnings

Here’s my new water bottle so I actually remember to drink water everyday.

Photo A Day 2015

Morning LOL with Deepak

When reader Ant sent me a link to this tw**t by Deepak, I realized that I had no choice but to post it, for, like all of us, I lack free will. 129 more words


Monday entertainment: Deepak Chopra tries to attack Dawkins, fails miserably

Let’s start off the week with something light and amusing, and by that I mean the recent lucubrations of Deepak Chopra, always good for a giggle or guffaw. 607 more words


#060 Spirit "Science" citation required with Martymer81

Myles and James are delighted to be joined by Martymer81 to talk about Spirit “science”. As Marty said almost everything said is stupid and word salad. 57 more words