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Howdy y'all!

Hey guys! I just want to say…uhh.. I’m super sowwy about being absolutely horrid at posting anything. I got really BUSY and with the internet out at home, it was difficult to tackle the blogs from 2 MONTHS AGO… OH MY GOD IT HAS BEEN SO LONG. 91 more words


"What Are You Doing?"

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Attempting to woo you.” he kept glancing at her lips. “Is it working at all? It’s been a long time since I sincerely wooed anyone, and I can’t remember how. 16 more words

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It's been a while

So it’s been a while and my lack of posting and the posts that I have done being on the more upset, angry, confused as to why i feel like the weight of the world is upon my shoulders side has resulted in me feeling like I just don’t want to post anything at all! 80 more words

The Dishonesty of the Anti-Choice Movement, part 1729

I pride myself on being “the good one” in an discussion. Up until you’ve blatantly crossed a line, I’ll bend over backwards to give you a fair hearing and treat you as a worthy opponent. 368 more words


12/10/14: Woo hoo! I

12/10/14: Woo hoo! It’s Dr. Michael Roark’s Birthday BASH and *YOU* might just win yourself a SkinMedica TNS Essentrial Serum ($265 value). All you have to do is post a BIRTHDAY NOTE to Dr. 34 more words

My Little Takedown of Christina Hoff Sommers

[Guest blogger HJ Hornbeck, here! This originally started off as a reply to someones’ comment, but it’s been greatly expanded and stands on its own. 5,305 more words


A Future Myth

Artwork by Nick Pedersen

  This is one way of thinking about things. It’s not an empirical way; it’s more story-shaped. But it’s also a story about a story. 524 more words