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Lets Chat: Easter Sunday, Make up and Hair inspo!


So first off, you may have noticed a big change.. I deleted all my posts! Even though some of them were grand I still wanted to start afresh if you know what I mean.. 436 more words


I haven’t had a lot of time in the past week. But I did make this on Illustrator.

I’m pretty pleased with how much I’ve learned to do with digital art. 10 more words


Alex Woo "Little Letters" Sterling Silver Letter Pendant Necklace, 16"

As a shining celebration of individuality, Alex Woo proudly presents the Little Letters. Combining the sentimentality of her original favorites like the Little Numbers with the expressive power of language, the Little Letters are an innovative take on the classic initial pendant with the unique option of combining and layering in personalized sets.

Geld - Click - Cash

We love Bux & Click. ClixSense! Jetzt wird KASSE (PAID4) gemacht, jeder Klick ist Bargeld. Wenn auch nicht das große Geld, so aber immer Cash.   Der Dauerbrenner unter den Geld Verdienen Seiten sind die BUX Anbieter, PPC (Pay Per Click), ClckSense – Bux – NeoBux. 12 more words


Wit, Whimsy, and Woo

This week’s adventures at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party have led me to conclude that people
are strongly addicted to their own perceptions of objective reality. 792 more words

Scientology's dirty little secrets

From MobileMedia, the great-grandson of L. Ron Hubbard washes the family laundry in public:

Jamie DeWolf seems like an ordinary man, except he has an extraordinary family tree.

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Ross Douthat and David Bentley Hart tell us how to find religious truth

One would think that Ross Douthat would have liked Barbara Ehrenreich’s recent New York Times piece describing a “numinous” experience she had when younger—an experience that could have been due to fatigue and hypoglycemia. 1,936 more words