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27 Marketing Tips That’ll Woo Your Visitors and Win Them Over

Having a website isn’t enough. Slapping a website together and offering a few paid products or services doesn’t ensure that you’ll make money. Even if your offering is superb, there is still no guarantee that you’ll generate any income. 1,734 more words


Have you ever heard of The Diva Cup? Well, it’s this fantastic little invention. It’s a silicone cup that you insert into your vagina when you’re on your period. 174 more words


Though nowhere mentioned in the plan…
On its own it all began… :)
When for no reason you feel merriment with glut… :)
And realize how well is the contentment of a brimming cup…. 193 more words


Today's events were...

…well, frankly, nearly uneventful. I did, however, have an almost four-hour Skype date with my sister. She lives in Philadelphia, so talking over the phone isn’t as preferable as talking to her face, even if it’s in the computer screen. 342 more words

We the Majority - a DEMAND


The majority of UK Citizens continue to participate in UK representative democracy. This reinforces the legitimacy of the state to act in certain ways, for example setting and collection taxes or constituting compulsory requirements to driving on the road network – please see all Acts of Parliament. 176 more words

Free Man On The Land


Back in the days when meeting and marrying the woman of your dreams (literally) was a messenger away, men actually had to dream of their spouses. 414 more words


Ram Dass Thinks We're Karmic Machines: The Woo on Being Wooed

I entertain the potential for enlightenment from the New Age, and all of it’s gurus, and yogis. I entertain it as an idea, and I’m usually always surprised at how assessments of things glance off the surface of reality, and ricochet out into blatantly condescending, patently bizarre “revelations”. 648 more words