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Jimmy Page in his Stormtrooper outfit

Jimmy Page in his “Stormtrooper Outfit” which included various, sunglasses, suspenders, and a hat resembling a German WWII SS Visor. Here Jimmy is carved on wood and acrylics used.


Jethro Tull - Rock Island

Jethro Tull’s Rock Island is a 3 dimensional carving of the album cover done with Acrylics.


Boston - Don't Look Back

The 1978 release of Boston’s Don’t Look Back is a 3 dimensional carving of the album cover to highlight the album art work. An added feature to this album, thread has been introduced, accenting the beams of light.


The Gibson EDS-1275

The Gibson EDS-1275 in cherry red was played by Jimmy Page in Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven. This replica is carved entirely from wood.


Beyond Olfactory and Oral

Hey guys, I’m back (and about to run off again, on a work related trip that is inescapable). But what I hope to share with you before I run off is the experiences that I have had in Taiwan. 624 more words

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Crossroad - Journey South - The Quiet Timber God

Quiet Timber God

There was the quiet Timber God who brought

dormant beings

 within cubes of wood …

to life like form  

(seen through the inner eye) 82 more words