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Arran Aromatics 'Amber Wood' Perfumer Assortment Candle

For Spring 2014, Arran Aromatics have launched their ‘Perfumer Collection’;, which is stated to epitomise the quite essence of Arran Aromatics Uniquely Scottish, Uniquely Arran. The Arran Aromatics Perfumer Assortment involves luxury candles, space sprays and reed diffusers in a… > … 7 more words

Plexiglas And Wood Desk

There are numerous varieties of the wood desk that you can locate on the magazine or you can discover it on the internet. The wood desk have several style and colour, you can choose to select the one that you want the most. 20 more words

Lost out

What a gorgeous day it was today to go up Table Mountain again.  Blue sky, no wind and no haze.

However, it was also a day that Murphy’s Law ruled.   90 more words

Life's Nest is a complicated thing

These images represent the next addition to my egg exploration; I created this as a part of a culmination of the techniques and ideas I have explored these past two terms. 112 more words

Wood floor refinishing Longport, NJ 08403

 Wood floor refinishing Longport, NJ 08403The pictures you see…

Craftsmanship Series: The Use of Wood in Architecture and Design, Part I

As part of our Craftsmanship in Architecture Series, we will be discussing the use of wood in architecture and design. This topic will span several posts, with this first one focusing on wood sources, sustainable considerations, and species selection criteria. 905 more words