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November Photo-A-Day (17-23)

Day 19 ~Family

I had to resort to two photos to get a photo with all our family in it. It’s hard to get all of us together these days with work schedules and proximity to each other in the state of Washington. 168 more words


Working with wood pulp

Most of us know papier mache. The gathering of newspapers or other paper source put in a mixture of glue and water. But what most of us dont know is that a better and stronger way of working with papier mache is gathering directly the wood pulp (for example we take it from our school’s wood workshop) and we add it in a mixture of water and not glue but flour! 69 more words


What do I do with my hands?!

That was the first thing David and I were stumped by with these rings. The first day we wore them we sent texts to each other joking about it. 186 more words

This Project Is Officially Finished