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Spalted Turning Blanks

I purchased these spalted turning blanks online.  I don’t have the tools for turning, but I have several projects in mind for these beauties, and I will be posting my progress here in The Wooden Journal.  Stay tuned… 



Not always apparent at first glance, but yes, I’m a treehugger. Axes, saws, splitting mauls, chisels and the permanence of wood dust in home, vehicle and clothing belie my reverence for trees, shrubs and all woody materials. 347 more words


Urban Forest Fest - Saturday July 26

I’ll be there with other people who work with, carve, cut, and know about wood.  Wood is Good!

Urban Forest Fest

Two Books Retreats

Woodcarving at Lake Malawi

In the morning, I opted to go for a woodcarving lesson in the local village outside of Kande Beach camp. I wanted to gain an understanding of the work that goes into the beautiful chiefs’ chairs, three-legged tables, bowls, salad spoons, necklaces and keyrings they hand craft. 382 more words


Woodcarvers Unite

CHERRY RIDGE TOWNSHIP — There was no other place a few hundred folks “wood” have rather been Wednesday than a campground in Wayne County.

It was one of the biggest conventions for wood carvers in the entire country. 266 more words


In the studio, making a bird tree

Things have been a bit busy lately, what with trying to cram woodworking, research and translation into those 24 hours we get every day, and I’m currently working on to bigger projects, so here’s a brief work-in-progress in-the-workshop kind of pic. 146 more words

Frank Lloyd-Wright

It’s been said that the problem with being self-taught is that the teacher doesn’t know any more than the student. But self-taught I am. So, I watch what you do, and they do, and what the great masters have done, and I draw ideas and inspiration from those accomplishments. 235 more words