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Beating East around Cape Breton

We bid farewell to Newfoundland in the early morning twilight on August 22nd, a day shy of a month since we’d arrived. We took off unsure exactly what our destination would be but we did well and with lovely weather decided to continue 75 Nmi south to Ingonish, having previously visited the protected harbour on our way north. 835 more words

Summer 2014

The Thunderbird

I know I focus a great deal on the history of the Lodge and George Whittell and I realized I am very overdue for a post about the grande dame of Lake Tahoe, the  152 more words


..Bankruptcy of purse, or bankruptcy of life? And SCAMP Specs!

A big fat check is in the mail to the kind folks at Small Craft Advisor Magazine (SCA), and they were nice enough to send off the manual ahead of the kit so I’ll have it in time for some upcoming travels, during which I hope to read the manual, prior to beginning construction. 820 more words


The 45kt Addendum

Seems I should have waited 20 hrs to post my last blog and throw some excitement in. Some time in the middle of the night, the rain started. 547 more words

Mistress Meanderings

Building a Wooden Boat.

And the work begins
The adventure began by selling The Banana Boat.

It was the money I got from this that paid for the plans and kit from Glen-L Marine Design at… 744 more words

Do It Yourself

My Start In Wooden Boats

A wooden boat is a comunity of many separate wooden parts, each fashioned by hand, that work together to hold its designed shape.

Someone might ask why anyone would want a boat made of wood when you can have cheaper plastic or aluminum boats. 428 more words


Finally in the water again!

Last week has been exceptionally busy, perhaps busier than normal if that is possible! To start off with, on Monday we had the slightly nervous but immensely satisfying experience of re-launching Longbow. 322 more words

Longbow II