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Quiz result - Woodpecker species

Thanks to all participating in my latest quiz.  Click here to review it.  The bird is a Lewis’s Woodpecker.  It was photographed here in San Angelo, Texas.  78 more words


How the woodpecker avoids brain injury despite high-speed impacts via optimal anti-shock body structure

Schematic of the pecking process of a woodpecker and the Mises stress at different times: (a) and (e) are moments of readiness to peck; (b) and (d) are the moments of departure and return, respectively; (c) is the moment of collision; arrows on the beaks show velocity direction. Credit: ©Science China Press



August 11th Blue Tits in the Garden

I have just received some wonderful photos  from  visitors to the cottage who left recently. They show  some of the blue tits that eat from the bird table and feeder in Lletty  Cottage garden.   167 more words

Pileated Woodpeckers

Yesterday morning (along with a butt-ton of baby birds) I was blessed with the presence of a Pileated Woodpecker, so I thought, why not make him (in this case “her”) the bird of the week? 322 more words



This week I saw three of the young Screech-Owls that were born in lower Lithia Park. The owlets now have nearly all of their adult-appearing feathers. 59 more words


New Quiz - Woodpecker species

Okay, guys, here is the latest quiz that I have concocted for your enjoyment.  Have a good look at the photo and select below what you think it is.  16 more words


Through the Window: July 2014

What a lovely July we’ve had. (And no flash floods.) Enjoy our list of birds from the viewing window. Perhaps you will plan a trip to relax, watch, and add your observations to our board. 265 more words