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Eye-to-Eye with the local birds (or the benefits of a bird blind)

I recently spent a bit of time sitting in a reasonably comfortable bird blind that one of the members of my local photo club constructed.  It is a great way to get closeup photos of birds in the area and is an excellent resource. 121 more words


I'm not a lunch!

I could have missed the drama that unveiled in front of my eyes two years ago if not for Pine Siskins and Red Crossbills.

Yep, two years ago siskins were frequent visitors to our backyard, and crossbills would show up from time to time, always a joy. 378 more words

Yellow-Bellied Sapsuckers

Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers are the least common woodpecker in my area…they are an uncommon sight, so it is great to catch a glimpse of one now and then.  45 more words



Well I was wrong. In my last post (Rosdel) I suggested that October 4 was going to be the last warm day of the year. 500 more words



Birds are an integral part of a garden with their songs and  beautiful colours of many of their feathers. Birds will flock to your garden if you offer them a place  to drink and clean their feathers. 188 more words



Here are Graham Lewis’s pics from our Sunday Audubon field trip:
Savannah Sparrow above, Acorn Woodpecker below. Both at Emigrant Lake.

Pear-eating Flicker.

Golden-crowned Sparrow


Flock of birders.


Autumn Squabble

Kinglets and warblers
creeping along branches
and a tussle between two
downy woodpeckers;
A crash after the rain