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Day 10: Over the River and Through the Woods...

We woke early to a cool campsite covered in dew. The mist hung low in the forest as we prepared a quick breakfast and got things packed up for the daily ride. 488 more words

Orange Wax For Kitchen Woods

This one is kind of fun, if you like to cook with wooden utensils. I have a spurtle for stirring porridge, and an olive dipper, both which need occasional ‘oiling’. 193 more words

Himeko and Karakasa

I know Its been a while but I have been pretty much just been working. I drew this lovely doodle. And then colored it horribly. I’m going to study some color theory and application and see what I can do to improve. 128 more words

Original Characters

Bark at Wells

The pine woods run parallel to the beach at a Wells. This colourful bark was on one of the trees. There is no post processing, it’s how it was, taken on my macro lens.


Calling All High School Seniors !!!

Are you a high school senior and want something different for your photos?  Do you want to work with a photography studio that doesn’t tell you lame jokes and make you squat on the ground with every pose?  110 more words