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I Don't Understand Relationships

I really don’t. I haven’t understood them since the first time I had my heart broken.

It was my freshman year of high school, and half way through the year, a relationship I had been a part for a few months came to a really awkward, crappy ending (She kinda just stopped talking to me, and started hanging out with other guys). 623 more words


2014’s Injustices Weren’t Backlash -- They Were The Status Quo

It was a wave of protest too striking to be ignored: professional athletes donning T-shirts to pay tribute to young black men killed by the police — and demand justice for their killers. 1,607 more words


Magic in the Moonlight

Colin Firth plays magician Wei Ling Soo (aka Stanley) brought in to a wealthy family’s home to debunk Emma Stone’s Sophie, a beautiful young medium who Stanley is sure is a swindler. 507 more words


It's All Phony

Magic in the Moonlight is very pleasant to look at, a vision, but it is certainly not visionary, it’s a bit of a narrative fraud actually, but since the entire operation is generally cute and unassuming, I will just say this is a disappointing film. 277 more words


New York Stories (1989)

As a fan of all the filmmakers involved, it feels great to finally see New York Stories but I had my expectations in check. I’ve had enough experience with anthology films to know how uneven they can be but this one fares well for the most part. 557 more words

Media Diet

Self-Promotion & Me & All Those Who've Played Their Part - Repost

You may find this particular repost about self-promotion of value. As the date confirms, this was first posted three months before my debut contemporary novel was released. 535 more words


To Rome With Love (2012)

If Midnight in Paris was a winning reminder of Woody’s 80s magic realism phase, his followup takes us back even further to the charming absurdism of his 70s films. 583 more words

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