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Movie Review: Manhattan (1979)

The top two most commercially successful films by Woody Allen are his most commended: Annie Hall and Manhattan. I was introduced to both movies in my late teens; I loved Manhattan’s style but found Annie Hall too chatty. 386 more words


Why a new blog

it’s eight twenty-six p.m. right now and i should probably just go to bed because i’m now tired–i wasn’t able to sleep last night–and yet here i am creating another blog. 925 more words


What Would George Burnett Get George Clooney for A Wedding Present?

Yo kidz. I’m back! It’s been a busy two weeks. I was on a very secret mission to stop the marriage between George Clooney and the Voldemort of aspiring gold-diggers everywhere, She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named (but I’ll do it anyway because I’m a responsible journalist, duh), Amal Alamuddin. 822 more words

Great Television

Blindness And Insight: From Paul and Augustine to Woody Allen’s “Anything Else” – Part I

The movement from blindness to insight is a time honored theme. It has its roots in early Christianity and in the Enlightenment it becomes a guiding principle.   2,076 more words

Talking 1986 Oscars on The Dew Over

In 1986 Platoon nabbed four Academy Awards including the illustrious award for Best Picture. Was Oliver Stone’s take on the Vietnam War worthy of the top prize? 125 more words


Rome through its cinema

With “The Great Beauty”, prized as best foreign movie at the Academy Awards, it seems that the city of Rome has taken back a central role in the international movie industry. 474 more words

Italian Language

Film Review #5: Midnight In Paris ★★★★

Bravo!, Fantastic casting with a gorgeous story and terrific background music. Woody Allen creating an excellent film even in his later years of production, I never believed the simplicity of a man loving Paris would be such an enchanting film. 17 more words

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