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Laughter In Apartment 10

After having one of my sleepless nights, I decided to get up and do something useful. No, I didn’t scrub the tub.

I made a list of some of my favorite jokes instead. 308 more words


Mia Farrow: More Than The Sum of Her Parts

For those of you who have never seen it, tis’ the season to rent Rosemary’s Baby (1968). The titular horror movie of the late 60’s holds up better than almost any horror movie of it’s time, aside from Psycho (1960) of course. 673 more words


Shame List #21: Annie Hall (1977)

Shame List Introduction

Annie Hall is one of 31 films on my Shame List, a list composed of multiple classics and “must-see”- considered films for anyone who likes to consider him/herself a film buff. 1,044 more words

Movie Reviews

MOVIE REVIEW | Fading Gigolo (2013)

“Yeah, she’s my doctor, but in today’s world she could be a psychopathic axe murderer.”

John Turturro is one of the few “interesting” looking character actors who managed to make the jump from “that guy from that thing”, to an actual, recognisable name. 593 more words

Melinda and Melinda (2004)

Following the pleasant surprise of revisiting Anything Else, I was looking forward to Woody Allen’s next film, Melinda and Melinda. This is another contemporary set film but with a curious conceit: two arguing playwrights present alternate versions of a story based around the same character, with one story a comedy and one a tragedy. 521 more words

Woody Allen

Playing this over and over again, Sam

I think I have watched this scene for about 12 or 13 times already, I can’t remember. I lost count.

This scene is from the 70s classic Allen flick, … 98 more words


New Day Same As The Old Day.

Someone quoted someone at me yesterday, I can’t remember who the quoted person was except that it was a fashion designer, and that the essence of the quote was that talent is great but if you want to make work you should just shut up and make work. 710 more words

Get Things Done.