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Anatomy of a Scene: "Annie Hall" (Woody Allen, USA 1977)

Annie Hall, one of the greatest films ever made, is at once devilishly complex and remarkably simple. On the side of simplicity, it wears its point on its sleeve and never hides what it’s saying for a second. 1,272 more words

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Optimism and pessimism?

There are a few quotations from Woody Allen’s Annie Hall that have me a bit confused and thinking in circles. As one of my favorite screenwriters and directors, he never fails to produce something of value and something thought-provoking – at least in my opinion. 901 more words

Annie Hall (1977)

Toilet Review: Charming doesn’t even begin to cover it.
I can’t remember ever seeing a Woody Allen movie before. I’m sure I have, at some point. 360 more words


Scoop (2006)

Scarlett Johansson and Hugh Jackman are both perhaps best known these days for their superhero alter egos, Black Widow and Wolverine, respectively. Though they are instantly recognizable as heroes in mega film franchises, back in 2006, they starred in a film that has mostly been lost in the shuffle, as their screen credits feature more appearances in blockbuster films. 617 more words

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Judas:《活地亞倫自作自受》「講!你呢個外星人捉咗Woody Allen去邊?!」





我是很喜歡看Woody Allen的。所以,進場前,知道第一段說的是婚外情和情殺,自然就聯想到倫敦三步曲的《迷失決勝分(Match Point)》。除了俊男美女很重要(Scarlett Johansson, at her prime! My god!),就是那一點點的中產味(或階級差異及鬥爭),還有Woody Allen在每部作品所埋下的宿命論(要遇上的終會遇上、要錯的最終會錯),還有,如果好運,還可以聽到原裝英國口音的靚英文(就算沒有,Owen Wilson在Midnight in Paris不斷在說”Gertrude Stein”都很迷人)。如果None of the above,就不合格,就是這麼簡單。

陳老師的確有draw reference的,第二段《老薩布克》的想像人物出現使現世的人有所覺悟明顯是"六個尋代作家的角色"版的”Midnight in Paris”,所以在現實和想像人物並行出現時刻意要想像人物做些超現實的舉動(和Midnight in Paris中對Dalí和Picasso的處理很像);而又因為劇情太多錯摸亂倫婚外情,而要用上《總之得就得(Whatever Works)》裏的宿命論(要愛上總要點運氣,要愛上而要永續的機率更是微乎其微)和群戲處理(嘩!胡鬧到咁,話唔係用咗這齣Woody Allen的半團圓怪戲都冇人信)。 24 more words


Blue Jasmine

Como una flor perfumada y esbelta en el campo
Que se deja seducir por los colibríes
Que llegan a beber su dulce néctar
Y la halaga con sus colores y su vuelo. 137 more words


The Purple Rose Of Cairo (1985)

I’m now well into one of my Woody Allen DVD box sets which, apart from A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy, doesn’t have a dud. These weeks revisiting the early to mid 1980s work from the prolific filmmaker are a joy, particularly when it comes to a jewel like  862 more words

Woody Allen