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A Day in the Life of a Fiber Mill

Last Friday, Cathy (Luvswool) and I took a lovely drive out to Belvidere, Illinois to tour the Illinois Wool and Fiber Mill.

Nestled in the midst of farmland, we were surprised to turn into a  homestead driveway. 311 more words


Handspun Adventures 9/7/2014 Shanghai Scrapbox

I bought this treasure, the Shanghai scrapbox, from

It came with such insanely bright colors, it was impossible to photograph, the eye candy reds would blow out no matter how I seemed to set my camera. 548 more words


Authentic Effects

Authentic Effects – It’s supposed to soften.

Your carpet is supposed to soften in hue – if it’s a good one.

Strong UV (ultra violet) light causes pigment to fade, so its no surprise that textiles and carpets near windows will change colour over time. 236 more words


Two in One Felt Project

Last year Zed had sent me a variety of small amounts of embellishment fibers.  I wanted to try them, but wanted a project that would preserve them in a format I could use as a reference for future use. 341 more words

Wet Felting

Squares of Crochet Goodness!

Below are my latest attempts at learning new patterns.  These sample squares will be incorporated into my granny square blanket.  I’m also using up all my dodgy cheap yarn in the process – win win!


Monet Challenge

I’ve always been a fan of Monet.  I don’t think there are too many of his works I don’t like, but I particularly like his irises, bridges, weeping willows and water lilies.  266 more words

Wet Felting

Crochet Coasters

I finished off these crochet coasters a few weeks ago, but have been lazy and haven’t photographed them until now.  They were such a delight to make – only an hour for each one while I was watching television in the evening.  25 more words