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Luminary Nylon And Wool Carpets

It helps melts and shrinks from an approaching flame. In the flame, melts and burns and slowly becomes smokier. Once out of the flame, it slowly helps to self-extinguish. 73 more words

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Patterned loop popular wool carpet product is Phoenician

The biggest characteristics of wool fiber are its resilience. Wool, that grows permanently crimped, can easily stretch up to 40% of its original length without breaking or bending. 78 more words


How to choose carpet

I went to our local interior design shop the other day for my first introduction to flooring. I wandered in with trepidation and made my way to the back where an overwhelming display of carpets, rugs and lino samples met my eyes. 1,217 more words

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Wool Carpet: Most Trusted Carpet Fibers

Wool is one of the most trusted carpet fibers. The carpet made with the help of wool fiber is surely non-allergenic. They easily absorb and filter airborne volatile organic compounds and unwanted odours and toxins which can cause irritation to humans. 82 more words

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Importance of Caring Wool Carpet

With proper care Wool carpet will give many years of enjoyment and comfort. Wool carpet is many other natural products, which naturally becomes really attractive with age and use. 97 more words


Get Advantages of Wool Carpet

Advantages of using of wool carpet:

  1. Smoke created by coal and gas pollutes the air in the room. These pollutants contain nitrogen, sulfuric oxide and aldehydes.
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Wool Carpet: Beautiful Carpet Appearance

Wool is most popular natural fiber and presents a beautiful appearance in carpeting. Although, it might not be as resilient as man-made carpet fibers and it is also bit more expensive. 86 more words