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Full Curl Optimism

Here’s another little ditty that got put on the back burner by a magazine. If you’re looking for this sort of storytelling in print, please let your favorite magazine’s editor know. 1,244 more words

Comings And Goings

Toast a Farmer

Taking things for granted is so easy in todays world. Always remember that if farmers were not here, you wouldn’t be here either. They spend their money and time to feed you. 47 more words


Finding Warmth

We broke down and turned our heat on for two hours Sunday night. We were hoping to make it through the end of October, and we tried our best to stick it out. 675 more words

Being ill

Being sick sucks. For me I usually get some kind of heads up with getting a headache fiew days before actually getting sick. Its different than just a headache. 230 more words