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5 WooCommerce Plugins That Can Help Online Stores to Build Customer Loyalty - WooThemes

Customer loyalty is a prized possession in business. Not only does it mean that someone is loyal to your brand and your products, but it also greatly increases the likelihood of somebody becoming an advocate on your behalf. 51 more words


Win a Golden Ticket to #WooConf - WooThemes

They say the best things in life aren’t things but sometimes, they are. We’re giving away a Golden Ticket to WooConference this November including flights, accommodation and admission. 61 more words


Stay Fashionable when selling online - WooThemes

To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail. Giorgio Armani When setting out on your adventure to sell online, you may initially feel like a small fish in an infinitely large pond. 51 more words


WooThemes Rolls Out WooCommerce iPhone App

WooThemes, the company behind the the free and flexible WordPress eCommerce tool, WooCommerce, has released an iPhone App for its merchant users. WooCommerce iOS is what they’re calling it, and it’s designed to let you see detailed product information, customer orders, specific order details, and a range of statistical data illustrating your store’s sales performance – all from your iOS device. 9 more words

Keep your finger on the pulse - WooThemes

There’s been a flurry of activity at WooThemes this month. Canvas child themes, our birthday celebrations, the announcement of WooCommerce conference, and now a hugely exciting release that hopefully comes as a welcomed surprise to most of you. 40 more words


Calling All Speakers and Sponsors For WooConference 2014 - WooThemes

The countdown to the inaugural WooConference has begun and, with just a few months to go, we’re full steam ahead planning what we hope will be a phenomenal and valuable two days for the WooCommerce community. 52 more words


We are six - WooThemes

Today is our birthday. Our sixth birthday. Simply to survive is an accomplishment for tech companies of today and we’re grateful and proud that over the last 2191 days we’ve managed to grow and mature within this wonderful ecosystem known as WordPress. 47 more words