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Give them words: charts to support the crafting of concise claims in Social Studies

High school Social Studies teacher Roberta Faery is great champion of writing and devotes a significant amount of time to teaching it well. Her students write constantly, they confer with her regularly, and most importantly, she makes a study of their strengths and needs. 124 more words


Does "throughout his life so far" sound like a good phrase? How about "through his life hitherto"?

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The full sentence reads: “Throughout his life so far he has committed to two cases of civil disobedience”.

Answer by Mike Mendis:

I would not use “hitherto.” Stylistically, it is not appropriate.

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...look it up

At long last, Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year is here. That single piece of vocab that defines the last 12(ish) months was announced yesterday. So what’s the most influential word of 2014? 369 more words


Setting the Mood

Mood … atmosphere … ambiance. Whatever you call it, this aspect of writing fiction is yet another means of connecting with reader emotions.

And when you touch reader emotions, you bring your stories to life. 1,051 more words

One Word Here, Another There... Which One's Best?

I’ve learned about word choice over the years.

It’s another one of those writing components like sentence fluency and voice that we can use to assess and revise our drafts. 508 more words

The Writing Process

Is this a properly written paragraph in general?

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He opened the boxes, hastily flipped through the documents, and realized that only two of the boxes were organized chronologically. When he finally discovered documents that were dated after he got fired, he removed his  camera from his backpack and took photos…

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