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Lie vs. Lay — Which one?

This thing saves my life on a regular basis:

The annoying part, of course, is that LAY appears in both columns. Sigh.

The GOOD part, however, is that as long as you have this little chart, a quick glance will let you know which word to use. 292 more words


Therapy Defined: Self-Regulation

Definition of self-regulation intervention or therapy: H is given the downtime he needs to delve into his interests and to regroup and relax when he needs it… 407 more words


Writing: Put Your Head Down and Hope for the Best

In writing I have learned how even the smallest choice of words can allow for misinterpretation.  The more I write the more that words seem like a puzzle that can only partially be solved, that conveying the intention of meaning can at best be only mostly realized.   465 more words

Shakespeare's Most Famous Fart Joke

As anyone who knows me is aware, I am a big fan of words. Not just because they allow us a level of communication that no other animal can enjoy (something I explain to every dog I meet), but because they’re so weird and specific. 913 more words

Stage Fright, Steroids, & Yodeling

Reading my work scares me. Yes, I know I do things most people would rightly balk at – climb mountain ridges, hurl shoes, go to a NYC sex club alone. 853 more words

Book Reading

Reflecting on Words and What They Mean to Me

By: Tia Love

My biggest resolution for 2015 is to conquer Amazon’s list of 100 Books Everyone Should Read. The first book on the list is… 487 more words


First Draft - Me Buth-a-row completed

As I mentioned in other posts, I believe in cross-training for writers. To do this you need to write off genre. Today I blasted through a first draft of an anecdotal story that I plan on submitting to a magazine and to a radio program that reads listener’s stories. 159 more words