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Friday fun with word frequencies

Calling all word nerds! For some Friday fun, try the Macmillan Red Words Game, which tests your awareness of English word frequency. It’s not as easy as you might think.   151 more words

Plain Language

Quick Point: "No Worries" in America

How did the decidedly Australian phrase “no worries” become one of my (and likely your) favorites? With so much distance between the United States and the land down under, it seems unlikely the simple sentence would travel so far and translate so well. 23 more words


In-Class Clarity Exercise Practice


  1. It would appear that someone apparently entered illegally.
  2. It may be possible that sometime in the near future the situation is likely to improve.
  3. 248 more words

An Exercise: Word Choice

I have been struggling lately to find the words…which is annoying if you are in the habit of …”wording”.

Some words are like a runny nose, they are constantly dripping out of you, you have to deal with them in places you don’t want them, and it has become your mission to get rid of them. 518 more words

Will Write For Freedom

Look, Dead Daddy... OED

“The Girl Who Was Plugged In” is such an interesting short story, and there seems to be hidden meaning at every turn, so I decided to go back to it for the OED exercise. 424 more words


OED- week 5 (Racially sensitive content)

For this week’s blog post I chose to analyze the word ‘nigger’ from part 4, section XI(11) page 65, within the part of the story where Laura speaks about how her school psychologist had given her the spiel of ‘women should be happy with their lot in life’: … 563 more words

Blog 5

Sticks and stones

We all know the power of words. They have incited revolutions, won and lost elections, galvanized movements, and begun and ended relationships. They have the power to cause incalculable harm and to bring restorative peace. 347 more words

Gina Howard