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I don't or I can't?

Is there a difference between saying ‘I don’t’ and ‘I can’t’ when refusing an offer?

If you are trying to stay off sugary foods, for instance, then saying ‘I… 104 more words

Words, Language, And Writing

That's Retarded

People get offended by the use of the words “retarded” and “gay” to mean “stupid.”

But nobody seems to care that we use the words Dumb (a mute person), Idiot (a mentally handicapped person), Imbecile (a prior medical definition for someone with a mental disability), Moron (a term for someone with a mentally disabled age of about 8-12), Insane (A mental disorder where you cannot perceive reality) among many others. 129 more words

A Voice of Silence

Before I begin, I would like to apologize for missing the posts from the last couple of weeks. My schedule has been a little odd for the past month, but it is back to normal now, so I hopefully won’t be missing any more posts in the near future! 577 more words


Fun with Weird Al's "Mission Statement"

MTV News says Weird Al sounds just like your boss. What? They’re talking about “Mission Statement,” the final video release this past week from the  200 more words

English Language

"I do not think it means what you think it means"

This week we bring you the second part of our look at the origins and meanings of popular sayings. As we continue our series on Words and Word Choice, we are focusing on this important information to help you communicate effectively.  994 more words


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This Makes Me Sick

“I’m feeling nauseous,” she said.

“Oh, no! Get away from me!” he replied.

“Why? I won’t throw up on you…”

“If you are… 394 more words

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