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Words: A Window to the Mind? Yes. Sort of…but maybe not.

I’ve created a Google alert for language related articles, so that instead of searching for something to write about each week, the stories come to me. 387 more words

Language In The News

Elements of Critique: Meaning

In my work community, The Princess Bride holds an honored place in our geeky hearts. This often results in quotes at best, and renditions of entire scenes at worst. 649 more words


Three Poets

We sit on the screened porch
in the dusk,
glasses of Prosecco in easy reach,
earnestly discussing word choice,
two of us musing on
how we might spend… 102 more words

Julie Ayers

My Writing Style

Today, I went to visit my professor for pointers about my essay, I wrote in his class. I went in with high hopes for improvements and corrections about how to fix my essay. 718 more words

Are they really sure about this excellence thing?

This ad copy for a supporter of the Sydney Writers’ Festival provokes some thought. Aside from thought-provoking requiring a hyphen, the first sentence contains what is known as a faulty parallelism. 30 more words

Words, Language, And Writing

A Word About Words - Stephen Fry

I came across this first thing this morning when taking a quick look at Facebook. My son had put this up on his page, mentioning having watched it in a lecture regarding language of the ‘proper’ use thereof and I found it both utterly hilarious as well as more than a little on the money.   83 more words

Just For Fun

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Okay, here's a lesson, I suppose, for an old peeveblogger like me. Lighten up. Well, I'll try to be a little more tolerant of poor word choices, but seriously, I can't forgive mistaking "it's" for "its," "your" for "you're," and "there" or "their" for "they're." Sorry, but that's too much to ask! By the way, it seems, for some reason, that you need to link back to the original post in order to view the video. So I encourage you to do so. It's a video worth watching.