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Choose Wisely: So let's talk about Diction.

Now that we’ve covered tone let’s move onto the diction within a work of literature.

Diction, or word choice, is looking at the simple issue of why did they pick that word over another. 600 more words


Tone it Down (Pun intended, but I regret it now)

I’m struggling a lot with tone today.  No, not my shower- or car-singing (always pitch-perfect, thanks very much).  That is, the way I’m saying the things I’m trying to say.  1,091 more words


Asking the Right Questions

There are so many reasons that I want to talk about this, but I’ll stick to two. First of all, as many of you already know, I run an interactive classroom and I’m always tossing out questions for my students to think about. 1,606 more words

Pride 47 - Prejudice 5

Pride and Prejudice was originally entitled First Impressions, which is a much better title when one considers how Jane Austen bombards her readers with the theme of “impressions”: first, flawed, and founded. 615 more words

British History

The No 'E' Challenge

Ready for another challenge? This challenge is to get you thinking about word choice and not relying on words you are used to using. It’s about stepping outside your comfort zone and finding new words to enhance your writing. 94 more words


Hunting the Proper Word

I’m currently working on some sonnets for a reading I’ve been invited to do on Tuesday. Some of you already know this because I’ve hit you up for some words. 387 more words

Upside Down Kingdom

Words: A Window to the Mind? Yes. Sort of…but maybe not.

I’ve created a Google alert for language related articles, so that instead of searching for something to write about each week, the stories come to me. 387 more words

Language In The News